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LookingForLissa Product Review: Kensington Keyfolio (iPad stand and keyboard)

Posted by Lissa on February 28, 2012

The short version: I like it. A LOT.

The longer version: For someone who types as much and as fast* as I do, the iPad keys are irksome. They’re large . . . but not QUITE large enough to type normally. The electronic keys mean that just as you’re starting to get up a rhythm autocorrect will pop up and ruin your day. (Damn you, autocorrect!!)

As long as I’d had the iPad I’d been using one of those magnetic cases that shuts off the device once closed (yeah, I do miss that feature). But in the interest of more and easier typing – and posting – I purchased this doohickey. (Yes, that’s one of the reasons I’ve been posting more – it got easier.)

I love it. The keyboard is small but not unreasonably so; the entire case/stand is bulkier than just a cover but I can still easily fit it into my purse; the keyboard pops out if you want to adjust the screen to a shallower angle. It was simple to hook up and I’ve charged it up once in the past month. Best of all, the iPad knows when you’re using a Bluetooth keyboard and disappears the on-screen keyboard so you have a larger viewing area.

Bottom line: Two thumbs up! A very nice purchase and a very good investment. I’m pleased.

*I used to be able to type 90 words a minute with no more than two errors. No way in hell can I approach that any more, but I’m still pretty quick.

4 Responses to “LookingForLissa Product Review: Kensington Keyfolio (iPad stand and keyboard)”

  1. Ruth said

    hah. I turn off auto-correct on all my electronic devices. I hate the damn thing, somehow it can never “correct” to the word I MENT to type, and god forbid you’re typing in a Name of some kind….After it corrected ULINE (a company name) to URINE in a text to a co-worker I went through and shut it off in everything. On the other than you’re the 3rd person to tell me they really liked that keyboard case…..

  2. Peter said

    I posted a response to you on my own blog (with tongue firmly in cheek, of course!):


    • Lissa said

      Here’s the comment I left at Peter’s place:

      You low-brow, unsophisticated little people can’t POSSIBLY understand . . . /applesnobbery

      Of course I don’t hate you, and it’s a perfectly valid point. If you’re looking to buy a little laptop, I used to really love my Eee netbook (see here – https://lookingforlissa.wordpress.com/2009/07/03/squeee/ )

      I love my iPad and use it for a gazillion things – everything from websurfing and posting to watching movies to making grocery lists to studying anatomy (there are some RIDICULOUSLY COOL interactive apps!). I find that it can do more tasks and do them much more quickly than my Eee; I ditched it when it started taking about 45 seconds to load each webpage.

      In other words, I wasn’t suggesting the keyboard so that you’d buy an iPad as opposed to a laptop; however if you DO have an iPad and like to type, it adds amazing functionality. 🙂

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