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“Alas, Babylon” revisited: You call THAT an arsenal??

Posted by Lissa on February 27, 2012

Remember this review of “Alas, Babylon”? I re-read it yesterday and came across the following passage on page 129:

He stared at the gunrack on the opposite wall. Until very recent years guns had been an important part of living on the Timucuan. Randy guessed they might become important again. He had quite an arsenal. There was the long, old-fashioned 30-40 Krag fitted with sporting sights; the carbine he had carried in Korea, dismantled and smuggled home; two .22 rifles, one equipped with a scope; a twelve-gauge automatic, and a light, beautifully balanced twenty-gauge double-barreled shotgun. In the drawer of his bedside table was a .45 automatic and a .22 target pistol hung in a holster in his closet.

That’s all. THAT’S what was thought of as “quite an arsenal.”

Good lord. What does that make y’all’s collections? Batteries? Armories?

9 Responses to ““Alas, Babylon” revisited: You call THAT an arsenal??”

  1. MAJMike said

    1@Ruger 10/22
    1@milspec Mossberg 500 riot gun (12ga)
    1@Mossberg shotgun (12ga)
    1@HK compact .45 USP
    1@Glock 19
    1@Ruger P89
    1@Ruger MkII bull-barrell .22LR
    1@Springfield 1903A3
    1@Mauser 98k

    These have been acquired over 40 years.

  2. Amy said

    What that makes us according to the idiot in charge is “Threats to the country” for being so prepared as to have guns and food and ammo. 🙂

  3. Borepatch said

    Good Grief, even *we* have an arsenal, by these terms:

    Lee-Enfield No. 4
    Winchester 190 .22 with scope
    Ruger 10/22 .22
    Sig 230
    1911 Commander’s Model

    15 months ago, we had none of this.

  4. guffaw said

    COLLECTION! Collection!
    Arsenal is pejorative!
    My collection totaled 54, before they took the 800 pound safe!
    Lesson – bolt your safe into the wall AND foundation!

  5. 45er said

    Pssssh. Amateur, lol.

  6. Jay G. said

    *refrains from comment*

  7. Lissa said

    MAJMike – Some would say you’re due to add another few 🙂

    Amy – racist!!

    Borepatch – isn’t it nice to have a protection system that works?

    Guffaw – holy *%#@, they stole your safe???

    45er – No, he was ex-Army!

    Jay G – yes, I may have been thinking specifically of you when I wrote this post 🙂

  8. MSgt B said

    I want the 12-guage automatic!

    That sounds like one heck of a fun gun to shoot. (If you’re tied down to something)

    Other than that…what JayG said.

  9. Ross said

    Load-out for a company, I’d guess. Still need another AR-15 and another shotty, though.

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