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Happy Birthday, Mrs. Client!

Posted by Lissa on February 3, 2012

Happy Friday, all! This Friday is particularly nice for me because I don’t have to pack a lunch and I get to eat at a fancy restaurant. Yay! But all things have a price. In this case, it’s organizing, supervising and generally overseeing a surprise birthday party for one of our favorite clients.

Surprise birthday parties can be dicey things. You have to pick a person who won’t show up wearing a housecoat and curlers in her hair, or grease all over his jeans. If it’s a large-number birthday, you have to make sure the actual age appears NOWHERE in your decorations or dessert.

With my official work title as “Jack of All Trades,” it’s a bit of a dance. I need to organize all the ribbons and decorations and make a centerpiece and be charming enough to make sure everyone has a good time. (Hey look, I practiced: braided carnations!!)


On the other hand, I’m also the Director of Business Operations, so I need to appear young, charming and entertaining but also competent as all get-out. (I find that glancing references to the Eurozone can be useful in this. It shows I pay some attention to the world financial market but doesn’t invite partisan argument on whether it’s the fault of Democrats or Republicans.)

I think it’ll be fun. Wish me luck, and here’s hoping I don’t spill anything!


2 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Mrs. Client!”

  1. Ruth said

    good luck! Have fun!

  2. 45er said

    Is this a crime scene? Ok, I’m guessing Ms. Lissa, in the kitchen with the shears. 🙂

    Good Luck!

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