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You are the weakest link.

Posted by Lissa on December 29, 2011


… or, “How I have trouble hanging up the phone.”

How do you hang up the phone?  (Not with family or close friends, but in a professional-yet-friendly setting.) “Thank you, bye!” is my usual, but sometimes I’ve done something for THEM, and a thank-you is a little weird.

The other people in the office say “buh-bye”, and it seems to work for them, but me?  I say “buh-bye” and I hear “bubbeh.” Or maybe “Popeye.” And sometimes “bye-bye!!!” like it would be squealed by a three-year-old with blond pigtails.

And, every once in a while, I hear “awww, whosa cute kitty? cutie want some num-nums?” but perhaps that’s just me.

Damn that wanker Anne Robinson for ruining “Goodbye!”  It used to work perfectly well and now it just makes me sound like I’m calling the clients stupid.  Grrrrr.

Seriously. What is your closer for phone calls that you need to end on friendly-but-professional terms?

9 Responses to “You are the weakest link.”

  1. bluesun said

    Spanish Chair!

  2. I Usually close with a polite “Fuckoff and I love you!”

    Works every time. 😉

  3. Brad Kruse said

    “Have a nice day” has lost it’s appeal for me. It sounds so Disney — the artificial, created to delight toddlers and market the heck out of family vacation dollars kind.

    But I am quite comfortable with “Drive careful!” and with “Enjoy the day!” For me, “Enjoy the day” has to do with you and what the day means to you. “Have a nice day” however implies that you are being handed a really pretty and Disney spectacle of a day, so you are expected to be courteous and actually appear to like it.

    When you leave a conversation, there should be something that you can use to recap and summarize your hopes for what the other person gained from the conversation, or that you will follow through with. “I will get this order processed right away. Thank you for your time!” If you have done something for them, apologize for whatever made them call, if it was an inconvenience, or thank them for their trust and business. Recapping the conversation and hoping for a satisfactory resolution to the topic of the call can never be out of line. Comics say “leave them laughing”, the summary should reinforce the positives of the call. Even if it is “Sorry we couldn’t do better, this time.” I guess I have used “Good luck!” and “Take care!” as parting salutations, too.

    And don’t apologize for “Bye!” Short for “goodbye”, the salutation is related to “God bless”, or “God bless and keep you and yours”. You don’t have to spell it out, but praying for blessings on another is never out of place.

    • Lissa said

      I tend to say “Have a good one!” or “Have a wonderful day!”, but you have to pause for a response, and that’s when the “bye” or “buh-bye” thing comes into play.

  4. Jay G said

    “Thank you for contacting SuperMegaTelCo. Have a nice Day”

    Heh. Right…

  5. I do the “Have a nice day.”

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