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I know how to shoot, thank you. Now kindly %*#€ off.

Posted by Lissa on November 9, 2011

I really need to work on bringing out my inner bitch.

I tried out a new range over the weekend. It seemed nice enough — clean, well ventilated, with targets included and nice thick barriers between lanes — but it also came with That Guy.

Who happened to be one of the range officers.

I made the mistake of being friendly to Captain Knowitall. When he came by to check and see if everything was okay, I made the offhand remark that everything was fine, only my bill drill wasn’t as good as I’d like (shrug). Next thing I know the good Captain is in my shooting late, handling my guns, trying to correct my grip (“push-pull!”), and yammering the whole time about what an EXPERT he is at teaching, how he’s trained police and SWAT and Army — everyone but the Marines, because they know everything, right?

I should have told him politely but firmly that I didn’t want instruction at that time. Or less politely to mind his own business.

But he was so excited to “help” me and so enthusiastic about teaching that I just couldn’t figure out how to do it without being rude.

Sigh. I’ll be better prepared next time, you can be sure. I did mention it to the front desk and they apologized and said they had some problems with him. Oh, and I heard him doing it with other people after he mercifully left me alone, so it wasn’t just me he singled out for benevolent tutelage.

In all fields, it’s usually wise to ask people if want help and/or advice before liberally dispensing it. Doesn’t that go double when the recipient has a loaded gun in her hand?

Or is this the downside of an armed society being a polite society — difficulty telling Captain Knowitall’s to go pound sand?

9 Responses to “I know how to shoot, thank you. Now kindly %*#€ off.”

  1. Amy said

    Sounds like one of those know-it-all men who thinks he’s better at everything than everyone else.

    So proud of you for not just shooting him. 😉 LOL

  2. Did he teach you the Tactical Teacup grip, and ask where your .38 Revolver was?

    In situations like this it bodes best to be frank, but direct. “If you’ll excuse me, I’d like to focus on my shooting now” or “Thanks for your help, but I think I’ll keep going on my way”

    Now in defense of Mr. Knowitall I have made it a point to offer unsolicited advice if I see somebody doing something unsafe or that will make their shooting experience that much worse (the big #1 is the backwards lean stance….feels good lining up the sights and makes a 9mm feel like a .454 as you get rolled onto your heels by the recoil because you’re off-balance)

    But I try to read the people I’m taking to to see how interested they are, and I’ll offer more if they seem interested, and bid them good day when it looks like they’ve had enugh….but I know that isn’t a skill everybody has.

  3. “I did mention it to the front desk and they apologized and said they had some problems with him.”

    Did you follow up with something like, “Oh, you know he’s an issue with some customers? And you’ve not dealt with it? Until you have dealt with it, I’m afraid I will have to take my business elsewhere.” Tolerating the intolerable only promotes the same. I think you did the right thing by not confronting him directly but taking it to management. But there needs to be a carrot or stick there, to promote action on their part.

  4. Patrick said

    I’ve actually had that same problem with a range that I’ve used in the past. He stopped when I out shot him with his firearm. I complained to the owners, as he took up some of my rental time by bothering me, and they also noted that he has been told not to do that. I told them that I wouldn’t be back and I haven’t.

  5. That’s what I like about my club, no range officers. It’s not a commercial range, it’s a club. I’ve offered to help people in the past and they’ve been grateful for the help. The key is that I *ask* first. If they decline, I go on my way and let them continue doing what they were doing.

  6. breda said

    I had to tell someone off at my own blogshoot this past summer. He DID apologize but seriously, dude?

  7. Jennifer said

    This drives me batty. It doesn’t help that I’m generally a better shot than these clowns. Couldn’t tell you how many guys have come over to help me and then later I had to clear their jam for them. If you’re limp writing your desert eagle, there is nothing you can teach me.

  8. MSgt B said

    Hello! McFly?

    He was HITTING ON YOU!

    Why didn’t you ask him to take you out to dinner to explain the importance of “shooting stance” in more detail?



    You passed up the opportunity to date a totally awesome, manly, tactical range-stud.

  9. Lissa said

    Amy, I didn’t want to shoot him. Just smack him real hard, maybe.

    Weer’d, he did ask of I’ve ever heard of the Weaver stance. I told him flat out that I didn’t like it and I was happy with isosceles, thanks.

    Robert, it was a nice woman about my age at the desk and I felt sorry for her; she didn’t seem to have the authority to reprimand him.

    Patrick, it may come to that. However it’s much the closest range to my house, so I intend to try at least once more – I just won’t let him bully me into instruction next time.

    TOTW, that’s because you’re a gentleman 🙂

    Breda — REALLY???

    Jennifer, I kind of feel like anyone with a desert eagle is someone to be laughed at, regardless. (I say this having two good friends who own them, and I tease them like hell)

    MSgt B, why didn’t I think of that? Oh, the loss …

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