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Kitty piano. EVIL kitty piano.

Posted by Lissa on November 7, 2011

I am very, very frightened.


And it gets worse, honestly it does:

I think I need a binkie and a hot toddy.

2 Responses to “Kitty piano. EVIL kitty piano.”

  1. Vector’s little girl has said Cat Piano. Its a strange one indeed…she loves it tho.

    Certainly not as annoying as some of her Elmo fair by a long-shot. That little red bastard is creepy and annoying.

  2. Brad Kruse said


    The B. Meowsic Keyboard is available from Amazon.com, Target, etc. And for only $26-$30, it can’t be beat for value for your entertainment dollar!

    Why, you could do “Meow Mix” commercials for Rajah any time, and not have to wait for a Purina ad on TV! And use your own lyrics!

    Um, if you were to carry one with you, under your coat, like, would you need a Concealed Carry permit? Could you use the keyboard, turned up loud, to ward off an approaching attacker? Would this keyboard be legal in a “no weapons” store?

    I guess it would be important to use even a “meow-meow” keyboard responsibly.

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