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This is not pole dancing, this is Cirque du Freaking Soleil!!

Posted by Lissa on November 4, 2011

Yes, I admit to a bit of headline-baiting. No one commented on my Rajah Pirate post nor my awesome sharpshooting skills and wah-boo-snivel-wahhhh etc.

This is amazing. Flat-out amazing. If I ever become one-tenth as fit as this woman I would be happy. Oh, and y’all with daughters and sisters – fear not. It’s not remotely sexual and she wears more than your average swimsuit for the whole performance. It’s just insanely graceful and gymnastic-fantastic and she has muscles in places we can’t find in Grey’s Anatomy. (If you’re in a hurry, the insanity starts at 1:20.)

Happy Friday!!

17 Responses to “This is not pole dancing, this is Cirque du Freaking Soleil!!”

  1. “fear not. It’s not remotely sexual”

    No it is NOT! How effortlessly she throws her own body weight around (and often with leverage putting her at a severe disadvantage) I’d be TERRIFIED that a woman this powerful would squish me like a grape in any sort of intimate encounter.

    All Coyness aside my mind is blown, that is an AMAZING display of athletics. I had to watch it twice, one just for the effortless art of it all, and then second I had to revisit my physics notes to do some math on just how much power she must have in her various body parts to do all of that and NOT look like an Olympic power lifter.

    • Lissa said

      Are there physics notes that explain the air-walking-move? ‘Cause I’m fairly sure that just shouldn’t be possible!

      • Ruth said

        Well, keep in mind that lot of women never show muscle definition the way men do UNLESS they do Olympic (or professional) power lifting, or similer type work.

        As for the air walking (starting at 3:21 I assume you mean?) its as much the angle she’s braced herself at as it is actual strength, look at how she’s braced her shoulder on the pole. In my experience its MUCH easier to carry large weight braced at a position close to that on a shoulder than in almost any other position. I have carried close to my own body weight (when I weighed 40lbs less I will admit) on my shoulder that way, which is much more weight than I can LIFT by myself, and I was NEVER in as good a shape as that woman.

        (on a side note, as I was watching the video my husband stopped to watch over my shoulder. He was as impressed with the work required as I was, then he noticed the title and informed me that if that was supposed to be pole dancing she didn’t have enough curves to make it sexy. There’s a reason I married him!)

  2. Ahem…. I’ll be in my room…

    Naa… not really, but you are right, that IS freakin amazing.

    As far as the blog commenting thing. Yea, I know how you feel. I get very few comments on my blog, and it’s frustrating when you spend hours poking and prodding a post into exactly what you want to say… then it’s like nobody even read it because if they did they would be all like “Hell Yea!” and stuff…. really.


  3. Ruth said

    I don’t have time right this minute to watch the video (I shall come back and do so though), but I promise I was impressed by both the shooting and the fact that Rajah lets you dress him up (if I tried that with my cats I’d need stitches)

    • Lissa said

      Why thanks! He may not *enjoy* the costume, but he’s really kind of ridiculously docile when it comes to physical handling.

      • Ruth said

        yah, mine think thats why god gave them claws and they’re not afraid to use them. The older cat doesn’t even HAVE front claws (she’s a rescue and was declawed when I got her) and she still manages to leave me bloody when I attempt such “inappropriate” handling!

  4. Heh, when I worked in a doctor’s office in Vegas, we had some patients that were Cirque du Soleil performers. No body fat on them ANYWHERE. Talk about envy…I about turned green.

  5. bogie said

    What impressed me most was how strong her stomach muscles must be. A lot of those moves demonstrate judicious use weight bearing techniques, but there is just no way to do any of those outstretched moves without impressive Ab strength!

  6. MSgt B said

    OK, I admit it. The pole dancing bit hooked me.

    Awesome shooting the other day, sorry about not commenting.
    I’m just jealous.

  7. Jennifer said

    Those moves were not definitely not covered at my bachelorette party. Must be part of the advanced series. 😉

  8. This would be a FAR better Olympic competition than, say, Rhythmic Gymnastics.

  9. Historian said

    You tube evidently does not agree that this is unobjectionable. They pulled it.

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