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Lissa gets her Annie Oakley on!!!!

Posted by Lissa on November 2, 2011

The top two things I learned from the Practical Fundamental class:

1) You do not PULL the trigger, you PREP the trigger. Which means you prepare the shot by applying a tiny bit of pressure to the trigger … then you prep a little harder … and you prep a little harder … until – BANG!

2) The gun should be held more like an eggshell than a grenade with the pin out. The instructor showed us that he could fire accurately holding the gun with only his thumb and middle finger. You should hold it firmly enough that it doesn’t jump around for repeat shots but you should NOT be white-knuckled.

When done properly, then on your first shot …


… you can hit an edge-on playing card at five yards.



Worth the price of admission right there 🙂 🙂 🙂

P.S. Yes, despite the hole next to it, I did it on my first shot. That hole was there from a drill earlier. Look real close. See?


4 Responses to “Lissa gets her Annie Oakley on!!!!”

  1. Interesting on the hold. That goes the opposite of the Todd Jerrett “Grip it 20% tighter” hold.

    Of course Todd is going for fast splits rather than pinpoint accuracy.

    Still impressive shot, not sure if I could do it…and my .45 holes are that much wider!

    • Lissa said

      Yeah, I thought so too, but every time someone in the class went white-knuckled you could SEE their accuracy suffer. It’s all about finding a balance, no doubt.

  2. *I’m* impressed! I’ll be tryin’ that on the next range outing.

    BTW, nice groups there on the target from other drills.

    I like taking firearms classes. If I had the money and time I’d be taking them a lot more often and taking the same class again (and maybe again!) to pick up what I’d missed the first time.

  3. libertyman said

    Wow! Great shooting Lissa!

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