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Little steps forward

Posted by Lissa on October 25, 2011

Eleven months.

That’s about how long it’s been since I had my one perfect, glorious, graceful run of four miles.

It’s been ten and three quarter months since my feet started hurting with what I thought was plantar fasciitis.

Ten months since I started resting for a few weeks before trying again.

Seven months since I first called the podiatrist.

Six months since they stuck me in an MRI machine. Six months since the podiatrist put me on strict exercise and footwear bed rest.

I’ve cried, cussed and despaired along the way. And gotten good ***damn sick of my Crocs flats. But it paid off.

As of this week I’m allowed to start the elliptical. If no pain develops then next week I can try the treadmill.

There’s a 5K in three months that’s got my name on it, baby!!

7 Responses to “Little steps forward”

  1. Amy said

    Good luck!

  2. Butch Cassidy said

    Have fun.

  3. secretlivesofscientists said


  4. MaddMedic said


  5. Mike said

    I think it’s more like 4 months, but I bet we can find one sooner if you want!

  6. mrsSCI-FI said

    my suggestion is Ice after your runs even if it feel fine and in between if sore.

    good luck

  7. Bicycle. Really, I had all sorts of pain, tried orthotics, rested, when I used to run. Then my doctor suggested I try biking instead. My feet, ankles, knees, and hips all thanked me for the change. It’s better exercise, too. The best part is if you get a bit tired, you can rest while still moving.

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