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Mama’s got a brand-new bag…less

Posted by Lissa on October 10, 2011

Meet my new love:


Yay!!! Bought it refurb’d from Woot and I am SO SO pleased with this sucker. (Yes, that pun was terrible. No, I’m not ashamed.) It corners like a DREAM — I actually thought it was one of their ball vacuums until I bent down and looked. And the cleaning power … It makes my old Bissel look like a crippled old nag.

Hooray for cleaning tools, and Happy Monday!

4 Responses to “Mama’s got a brand-new bag…less”

  1. Ruth said

    We splurged on one of their new ball vacuums last spring totally worth it. Have fun with the new toy (its amazing hte difference huh?)

  2. 45er said

    I so need to get a new one. Nice MIB reference.

  3. Was just driving my Animal ball around the house on Saturday. They indeed kickass!

  4. “Was just driving my Animal ball around the house on Saturday.”

    You are going to hear these words again at a blog meet, Weer’d. Trust me on this!

    Seriously, the Dyson vacuums really suck! Which is good for a vacuum cleaner. Because when they suck, that doesn’t suck, but if your vacuum cleaner won’t suck, well, that sucks.

    Good vacuums very reliable, easy to clean and maintain. Don’t forget to clean the filter a couple of times a year.

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