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The healthcare system conversation I didn’t have.

Posted by Lissa on September 27, 2011

It’s part of my job to entertain our clients until Boss and Pres are ready to start the meeting. As such, I have a lot of short conversations about the economy, the Dow, outdoor activities, handguns that can fire shotgun shells, cats, critters, music, grandchildren and other interesting topics. It goes without saying that I don’t tell our clients that they’re wrong (unless it’s a trivial non offensive topic).

So when Mr. P started explaining what was wrong with the country today, I smiled brightly and bit my tongue a lot.

Want me to share my new-found wisdom? Oh, I’m sure you do!

What’s Wrong With The United States According to Mr. P

– We need to be more like Sweden and take care of each other! (I did gently mention that Sweden’s going broke, but whatever; aren’t we all, nowadays?)

– We need to protest more! We need to get rid of is broken system! (No, he didn’t mean the Tea Party. And I didn’t think the UK’s riots did much for their economy or their political system.)

And, my favorite:

-We need to get rid of healthcare as a *sneer* FOR PROFIT system! You see, his girlfriend had to have surgery and was in the hospital for ten days. Do you know what the bill was? FORTY-THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! … of which her insurance paid 90%.

He condescendingly explained to me that it was wrong for people to be MAKING MONEY off this stuff and indignantly decried hospital bigwigs making MILLIONS of dollars. My smile cracking at the edges, I shrugged and pleasantly replied that good college presidents made more than that and added less value to their institutions. And then I beamed at him and fled.

What was it PJ O’Rourke said in Eat the Rich? Oh, right: “In Cuba, the healthcare is free – and worth it.”

In other news, the wonderful nonprofit British healthcare system is telling families that they need to assist with the feeding and cleaning of their hospital-bound relatives.

More thoughts on my opposition to universal health care can be found here.

4 Responses to “The healthcare system conversation I didn’t have.”

  1. momiss said

    Kudos on keeping your mouth shut. That is a lesson I am still struggling to learn, and I’m 46.
    I happily have a very easy out on this one. My sister-in-law is from Germany. When the subject comes up I get a horrified look on my face and say “oh, Lord! Have you ever talked to anyone who has lived in a country with universal health care??? It’s awful! They come here to have all their surgeries!!”
    This takes the vast majority by surprise. I follow it up with true stories. In the end most of them change their minds. But probably only for awhile. A lot of them don’t actually have opinions of their own and just repeat what the last person they talked to said. It’s a hollow victory, but every litle bit helps.

  2. Butch Cassidy said

    I like the people who whine about ambulance transfer bills. Two people got called out of their beds at one in the morning to burn four hours of their sleepy-time (at a non-trivial per-hour rate to even get them to say yes) and $70 worth of diesel to transport the person. Add in personal insurance for each EMT, business insurance for the transfer company, vehicle insurance/inspections/maintenance, taxes, the amount needed on top to allow the owners to feed their family, and cost of equipment used. That’s a pretty big fee to be fronted for free for every patient in a country.

  3. Mike W. said

    Yup, and they’ll tell the families of kids with CP that they can’t get surgery
    which will likely allow them to walk. They have to raise money and come to America
    with it’s “evil” for profit system so they can pay cash and get life changing operations.

  4. […] anecdotes or amusing stories either from their side of the aisle or that are politically neutral; it’s not my job or my place to convince a client that he or she is […]

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