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“Kayak” is not just a website

Posted by Lissa on August 29, 2011

Good morning everyone! Fed up by my feet problems and utter lack of exercise, I begged Mike to take me kayaking.

OH MY GOD MY ARMS AND CHEST MUSCLES ALMOST DID NOT SURVIVE THE TRIP. It was just an easy mile down to the bar and back, and several times I wondered if my upper body was going to give out before we got back. I took rather a lot of short breaks, letting Mike do more of the work. (well, the majority of the weight in our kayak was his, y’know? 🙂 )

It was beautiful on the river:


We saw some big fat black vultures, hawks, herons, cranes and lots of other birds. We also almost crashed into a fallen tree because I was busy looking at a turtle.


And we saw not a single alligator, hooray! (I did have Siguette along for gator-protection)

Happy Monday everyone!

7 Responses to ““Kayak” is not just a website”

  1. Cyril said

    Hello, I am doing kayak too on rivers near Paris, I lowered(went down) the Seine, the Oise and the Marne on portions about 10 kilometers. I found your blog accidentally(by chance). Where is this river? It is near London or somewhere else? Excuse for my english, i don’t practise this lenguage very often…

  2. gator said

    You wouldn’t shoot a gator, would you?

  3. 45er said

    Awesome. You look like you’re having a great time.

  4. Butch Cassidy said

    I just bought a kayak. And the first day I had to try it out, Irene gave my river a temper-tantrum. It will be a few more days before the river is calm enough for me to take it out.

    In the meantime, I will sit here jealous of your awesome river trip.

  5. Don T. said

    It looks like Mike’s conscience is making an appearance. Did you get splashed right after you took the picture? ;-D

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