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Conversation Snippet

Posted by Lissa on August 25, 2011

From our phone conversation last night…

LISSA: “Did you see? Joe Biden said something stupid and the White House is pretending it never happened.”

MIKE: “Yeah …. And in other shocking news, it’s Wednesday.”

Yes, I do sometimes moonlight as Captain Obvious. The uniform includes my maroon heeled boots. If you were wondering.

4 Responses to “Conversation Snippet”

  1. Amy said

    O’Loser needs to be a one termer. Perry for President!

  2. My stock response to Captain Obvious statements:

    “Didn’t something like that happen in that Star Trek episode where the transporter breaks and Kirk gets his shirt ripped?”

  3. 45er said

    He’s been a moron but that was bone-headed beyond the bounds of logic.

  4. Of course he supports China’s population control laws. He’s a progressive. Deep down, he’s probably jealous that he doesn’t have something like that here with which to control the serfs.


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