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Bill Ray Nissan: Liars and Cheats!

Posted by Lissa on August 8, 2011


We were looking to replace Bernard (our old beloved Toyota Avalon, who thankfully is going to a good home and a loving family) and thus went Internet-browsing. (That is, Mike went Internet-browsing. He’s really good at this kind of stuff.). And a person from Bill Ray Nissan quoted us an AMAZING deal on a 2012 Altima. Amazing enough that we made an appointment to go in and see them and made sure to print out the email for proof.

Well, we get there, and right away we ask to go over the price and financing stuff; no point in browsing and test-driving if they’re trying to scam us. So the salesperson goes running off to check with the Financing Guy and he comes back with the terms of the deal.

Guess what? The price they quoted us didn’t include the options already installed on the car, so it immediately jacked up the price three grand!!! And then, when we pointed out how utterly dishonest this was, they tried the following two defenses:

1) The guy who wrote the email is “new” and shouldn’t have written it that way;
2) Yes, it’s kind of misleading to quote the price that way, but everyone else does it so we have to do it too or our prices don’t compare.

Got that? We didn’t mean to lie, it was a mistake, but also we have to lie because everyone else does.

It was perhaps the most brazen, shameless and unabashedly dishonest snow job we’ve encountered. I was cynically disgusted; Mike was personally insulted. They then made a last-ditch attempt at a deal, promising us “$Xx,yyy which includes taxes and options and everything.” We agreed to look at the numbers. Then it turns out that their quoted figure was based on paying the entire balance in cash that day, which we TOLD them was not the case.

We walked. Obviously.

Isn’t it illegal to quote the price of a vehicle without including the factory-installed options?

Tell your friends, tell your family. DO NOT GO TO BILL RAY NISSAN. They will lie to you, try to steamroll you, bully you, and cheat you. Bastards!

P.S. We got a great deal on a sapphire-hued Camry. I’ve named him Betty Blue. I’m still sad they canceled The Unit.

16 Responses to “Bill Ray Nissan: Liars and Cheats!”

  1. Anonymous said

    I bought an “everything’s included even the rental car if your car is in the shop” additional warranty/service plan with my BRAND NEW Quest minivan a couple years ago. This was not cheap – an extra like 30 bucks a month on my payment over a 5 year loan. Expensive. But hey, EVERYTHING is covered right?

    The electronic sliding door ON THE BRAND NEW VAN didn’t work reliably. It would lose power and REFUSE TO SHUT/LATCH even manually. So I would be out with 3 kids in the Florida heat and stop somewhere and not be able to leave because I couldn’t close the door.

    I took it to Bill Ray. They could not figure out the problem. And then THEY WANTED TO CHARGE ME FOR THE RENTAL CAR. What about my fancy pants expensive service plan? Well, you can’t use the rental car feature if they can’t find the problem. Oh great, so you didn’t fix my problem, and you’re charging me for something I already pay for too!!!!!

    They wouldn’t budge either. I paid it, and then called Nissan Corporate and threw a fit and they refunded me the cost of the rental car. But the whole thing pissed me off. No more Nissans, ever. And definitely no Bill Ray.

    • C. S. P. Schofield said

      I had a problem very like yours with a Toyota dealer in Maryland back in the late 1980’s (free rental supposedly didn’t cover work on a recall). Amazingly, they changed their minds as soon as I made it clear that I was willing to make a scene about it in the middle of their sales floor on a busy Saturday.

  2. Old NFO said

    I’ll pass the info along to my friends in Florida. Sorry y’all got hit with the old bait and switch…

  3. Mike said

    I will add that the final “discounted” price was only $500 less than the bait-and-switch final price, which meant it was $2500 above the emailed quote. It had factored in a rebate that we had already said we weren’t interested in (since it was not as valuable as the 0% financing offer).

    Lissa also forgot to mention that, after we refused that offer (we had begun actually walking to the door), he also asked if there was some payment we were trying to hit and maybe he could do that for us. We managed to get just about every car dealer scam in the book in under 15 minutes, which was just amazing. On the upside, I did get to tell the sales manager that his explanation–they only lie that badly because everyone else does–was bull**** in the middle of his showroom floor and that was fun.

  4. DaddyBear said

    I guess I’ve gotten spoiled. My company does so much business with the major car manufacturers that we get some variant of their employee pricing. I go in with a program number and my employee ID, they call corporate, corporate gives them a price that’s usually invoice plus dealer prep costs, and we decide if we can afford that. Some of the companies even have websites we can go to to find out how much a given car is before we go to the dealership.

    Drives my wife nuts. She loves to haggle like an Arab trader. Since we’re already getting the best deal offered, she can’t dicker with the salesman over anything but free swag to go with the car.

  5. Typical dealer BS. The “he wasn’t supposed to send that email” is a variation on the “he wasn’t supposed to give you that quote”, or the “he wasn’t authorized to sign that contract so the deal is off, but we’ll sell it to you at a higher price” scam.

    You were smart to walk away from the dealer.

    On another note, why is it that women need to name their cars?

  6. Shrimp said

    Car buying–is there a more frustrating experience for the average consumer?

    Years ago, I had a very similar experience when my wife and I were looking for our first minivan. They did everything but park us in (my dad had that happen to him back in the early 80’s). The real kicker, though, was the trade-in. That’s where dealers make most of their money, actually. They give you next to nothing on yours, and then sell it for as much as they can, plus about $500 in dealer prep fees and additional profit. No kidding, that’s what they actually call it.

    Our car had been hail damaged, but repaired. The shop that did the repair had done such a good job, no one could tell. I had told the sales-scum up front that the car had been damaged and repaired. When he finally got around to offering us money for the car, he offered us less than 1/3 of the KBB value for trade-in. I laughed and told him he had lost his mind. He came back with, “Well, the car has hail damage, so it doesn’t really have that much retail value.” I asked him to please point out exactly where on the car the hail damage had occurred. He couldn’t, but said that he saw some dings on the roof. (the roof actually took no damage because of where it had been parked. All the damage occurred on the driver’s side and rear tailgate.) I asked him to show me. He changed his tactics and said they might be able to get me a bit more. I told him to triple his offer and we’d have a chance at making a deal. His face went white, and then he said they’d never offer that much for a hail damaged car. I told him we’d never take less than 1/3 of the KBB value on a car that had been professionally repaired to the point that NO ONE could tell the car had ever been damaged. And then we left. And I warned everybody I knew to avoid Shortline Subaru after that. I still do.

    Glad you managed to find a vehicle that you’re happy with.

  7. Peter said

    I linked to your post on my blog:


    Hope it helps spread the word.

  8. RBM said

    In New Jersey it is law that the dealer must quote on a specific VIN. Stops that nonsense in its tracks.

  9. Anonymous said

    They did the same to me yrs ago. I am in the market for a new car now, Guess where I wont be going ? LOL

  10. Anonymous said

    It is really pathetic when people make brazen and bold accusations against a place of business and then post the comments anonymous. If you really were a patron of this establishment put your name on it unless you have something to hide? I know many people who have purchased here and everyone I know says they would never buy a Nissan from any other dealer than Bill Ray Nissan. The fact is that by your own admission you did not even buy a Nissan. Its people like you who who give car salesman a bad name. Either you are just flat out lying and probably a salesman at a rival dealership (judging by your phrasing) or your one of those people in life that doesn’t have a clue and when you don’t understand something you run for the hills saying the sky is falling when in actually it’s not.

    There are a lot of great salesman and staff at Bill Ray Nissan and posting things like this that are clear fabrications is troubling to me because I know that your fabrications hurt the reputation that Bill Ray Nissan has earned over decades of hard, honest, work.

  11. Anonymous said

    As someone CURRENTLY being blatantly lied to and jerked around by this exact dealership I applaud you for putting it out here. I plan to put my current LOLtastic experience online in the next few weeks with all of the emails,voice mails and screen shots to prove how truly dishonest this dealership has been ( with me, I cannot speak as to what great things others have experienced however I will be in contact with Nissan to give them all the facts and let them deal with the actions before publishing) They really like to tell BIG lies over email/phone. ANYTHING to get you in there, and let me tell you with my experience they HATE IT if you do not have a trade in and are not financing. This is the SECOND time I have given them a chance to be as stand up as all these overly padded “rave reviews” online. I have searched and so many of them are written in the exact same manner/tone and even same spelling errors raving about the same 3 salesmen.. fishy I think! They always draw you in with an amaaaaaazing online price only to tell you that the car you called about 15 minutes early has now magically sold, that one was the only exactly the same equipped one offered at the price but right over here is the same EXACT car for thousands more, c’moooon we’re so honest! The current is the “oops we priced it wrong online and we cannot honor that price” ( same one they pulled on us 4 years ago!!! GET NEW MATERIAL GUYS) and I cannot wait to post up the VULGAR email I got yesterday and share it with Nissan Corp!! I searched Bill Ray Nissan to see if this was abnormal behavior I was on the crap end of and it turns out it is pretty regular. That is sad because I hear it USED to be the place to get your Nissan for everyone in Central FL. I hope they go back to the way the used to operate and lose the dishonest people bringing this place down.

  12. Anonymous said

    Bill Ray Nissan is horrible DO NOT GO THERE

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