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Happy Caturday: Gnawing edition

Posted by Lissa on August 7, 2011

Take this :


Add this:


And you get this:


Rajah is very displeased that I took away his favorite chew toy, but I don’t want him swallowing any of it 🙂

Happy Caturday all!!

4 Responses to “Happy Caturday: Gnawing edition”

  1. Mike said

    Yes, the cat really did eat my flip flop. The weirdest part is how much he loved doing it. He always purred loudly while gnawing away.

  2. 45er said

    Sounds like someone needs to put hot sauce on their shoes.

  3. Brad K. said

    Maybe someone needs to broil a nice t-bone steak, and save the trimmings for the kitty.

  4. Ruth said

    My puppy tried to do that to my crocs, but thats one thing I have to say my cats have never done!

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