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Bratty cat!!

Posted by Lissa on July 21, 2011

With the warm weather, Rajah has been skipping some of his nightly cuddling. While I miss him, it IS kind of hot, so it’s okay.

But he’s a cat. And therefore, a brat. A brat who will wait until AFTER I HIT SNOOZE TWICE AND REALLY REALLY NEED TO GET UP to THROW himself down in my lap, curl up, and start purring madly.


Sigh. Good thing he’s cute.

4 Responses to “Bratty cat!!”

  1. TBeck said

    Resistance is futile.

  2. Josh A. Kruschke said

    Have you hired a P.I. To have him followed he could be stepping out on you.

    Just saying,

  3. 45er said

    Cats have the most selfish timing.

  4. One of my cats will wait until I’ve almost fallen asleep to jump up on the bed for some attention. I can’t resist him because he’s so cute and usually shy, so I give up some sleep time to rub his head and then his belly. Strange cat because very few of them like to have their belly rubbed, but he just lies their purring away. Until he’s had enough of course, then he takes off sounding like a herd of baby elephants.

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