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The weirdest compliment I’ve gotten all week

Posted by Lissa on June 24, 2011

A woman I had never met before told me I had “gorgeous, gorgeous teeth,”

Then she called over another woman, who also told me I had “gorgeous teeth. Just gorgeous.”

Then SHE (the second woman) called her HUSBAND over to admire my teeth!!

Thank goodness I was at the dentist’s office, or it really would have freaked me out. 🙂

Happy Friday!!!

One Response to “The weirdest compliment I’ve gotten all week”

  1. Hey, don’t underestimate nice looking teeth. I wish I had nice looking teeth. I might even settle for people not running away screaming when they see them (j/k, my teeth aren’t THAT bad).

    Really, it isn’t to the degree of fetish or anything, but I really notice when a girl has nice teeth.


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