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Happy Caturday: Vending Machine Edition

Posted by Lissa on June 18, 2011

Maybe he’s not as dumb as I think he is?

That’s his automatic feeder, and he’s figured out how to stick his paw up the mouth and make it spit out food. No wonder he’s gaining weight!!!

5 Responses to “Happy Caturday: Vending Machine Edition”

  1. Josh A. Kruschke said

    I think we would be in trouble if they had opposable thumbs.

  2. Ruth said

    People have asked me why I’ve not gotten one for my cats…….I’d say that video pretty much sums it up!

  3. alan said

    Smart Raja is smart.

  4. breda said

    They just play dumb, those boy tabbies. Sweet and dumb – until they get hold of your credit card and you find them ordering stuff online late at night.

  5. We have one of those machines and it would not surprise me at all if our girl figured out how to do that. She’s very creative when it comes to getting extra food.

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