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It is MOST DEFINITELY a Monday!!!!

Posted by Lissa on June 6, 2011

So I had a really fabulous weekend, and maybe I’ll post on that tomorrow, but first I have to whine.

Top Five Reasons Lissa is Whining Right Now (in chronological order)

5. Mike left this morning at five a.m.

4. Traffic was bad this morning

3. The power flickered this morning at work

2. The air conditioner at the office was on the fritz so I melted off my makeup.

And the number one reason Lissa is whining is …. *drumroll*

1. Due to the no-AC, we had all the doors at the office open for breeze. And in TEN MINUTES DURING THE STAFF MEETING, THIS HAPPENED:



I picked up a baker’s dozen of red, itchy, swollen welts and no one else suffered a single bite.

I hate mosquitos.

4 Responses to “It is MOST DEFINITELY a Monday!!!!”

  1. Brad_in_MA said

    I had a Monday of Mondays myself. Deet. Or is it deat. Any decent outdoor shop will have it. Keeps the skeeters at bay like nothing else. I have a one-ounce pump spray bottle that fits into any pocket. Stuff works wonders.

    – Brad

  2. Ruth said

    They make “dry” formulas now, aren’t nearly as nasty to put on, some even smell nice, and they do a decent job at keeping the buggies away (from one skeeter magnet to another)

  3. Katia said

    I have the same problem. I was sitting out with friends one evening and got 17 huge welts on one leg (the rest of me matched) from a type of fly that everyone swore didn’t bite. Anyway, this will sound strange, but if you cover the welts with roll on deodorant they’ll shrink and stop itching for about eight hours. Works on all kinds of bug bites, I know from experience.

  4. “I hate mosquitoes. ”

    They appear to LOVE you, my dear!

    Like my wife too. Don’t much care for me. I don’t mind, fuck their elitist asses!

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