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Posted by Lissa on May 17, 2011

Every muscle in my body is in massive, screaming pain. I could study for my A&P Muscles test by tracing each individual path of agony through my limbs. Even my FINGERS AND FINGERNAILS hurt, for cryin’ out loud!!

Why? What did I do?

Well, I killed three birds with one stone:

1) I worked on my tan
2) I got some serious, SERIOUS exercise
3) I ripped out about twenty-five feet (and eight years’ worth) of matted, overgrown ivy and weeds.


See, there’s a boxed-in raised bed behind the lanai. I never really went back there, but vaguely assumed that it had the same type of bushes found in the front and along the sides. I promised myself that at some point I would ditch the bushes and replace it with happier stuff, and this weekend was the time.

Imagine my shock when I examined the bed and found nothing but WEEDS. Grasses. Ivy. Most of which had decently shallow roots . . . but those shallow roots were UP TO FIFTEEN F***CKING FEET IN LENGTH!! WTF?!?!?

So I slipped on my gardening gloves, grabbed the hedge clippers, a shovel and a trowel, and started ripping away.

By the time I was 90% done my hands were shaking so much that I dropped the small rose bush (in its pot) rather than gently lowering it. Oh, and it slashed both my lip and my hand as it fell.

Oh well. It was worth it — I’ve got (more) basil, and German thyme, and sweet mint, and spicy globe basil plants all situated. I took my two strawberry plants and my (really tall and healthy! Yay!!) rosemary plant and bedded those as well. I’ve already mentioned the small rosebush (red, of course!). And just for fun I sowed seeds for lettuce, alyssum, poppy and lupine. And hanging by my front door i’ve got some pink zinnias and a small aloe plant.

So — aching painful muscles, a kind of serious sunburn on my lower back, and a garden planted with pretty things and tasty herbs. I’ll take it!!

4 Responses to “OWWWWWWW OMG OW OW OWOWOW!!!!!!”

  1. Amy said

    YAY! Way to go!

    I did the same thing this last weekend. It was hard and painful and I hurt when I was done but it looks SO much better!

  2. momiss said

    Multi-tasking. Always good. Use the aloe on your sunburn. Good job.

  3. Sarah said

    I’m lazy. Killing things with fire is more my speed.

    When that’s not practical – like, in your case, with the things to be destroyed being close to the house you don’t want to burn to the ground (or so I assume) – I bribe my brothers with homemade brownies. Works every time.

  4. Yeah we had what was once a veggie or flower garden that was overgrown with mint. Let it be with some control for a few years, but frankly besides making a huge pot of mint tea (which is a lot of work getting the stems off and the leaves clean) it really wasn’t much use.

    Took me like 3 hours to rip it “all” out. Scare quotes because it keeping coming back like some sick zombie! SO SORE, it was a MONSTER workout for my arms and lateral muscles.

    I will win, but it will be a war of many battles!

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