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Mike runs the Wounded Warrior 10K!

Posted by Lissa on May 16, 2011

While Lissa has been languishing with her wounded feet, Mike has really gotten into this distance-running thing. He’d done a 5K on March 5th and pushed really hard to be ready for this 10K.

And so, bright and ungodly early, we piled onto the UCF campus for the Operation Giveback race.

They started off with a host making a speech (punctuated by calls for HOO-AH, which were fine, and once the phrase “very, very hoo-ah,” which was not!) and introduction of the Bionic Heroes participating in the event:


(They tended to use “wounded warriors” or “wounded heroes,” but I like Bionic Heroes better.)

They lined everyone up with the Bionic Heroes in front (they got a five minute headstart):


I captured Mike as he broke from the starting line:


And again as he approached the finish line (marked by the metal latticework you see):


He says, by the way, that I cheered loud enough to penetrate the exhaustion and tunnel vision; he heard me. Along with everyone else in a 10K radius. 🙂

Overall, just a great, great day. I’m so proud of Mike for pushing himself to be ready and SO proud and happy that he did it for such a great cause.

And Bionic Heroes are The Shit.

The End

UPDATE: The World’s Most Dangerous (Bionic?) Librarian links; thanks!

2 Responses to “Mike runs the Wounded Warrior 10K!”

  1. guffaw said

    Very Cool!
    Congratulate Mike for me.

  2. secretlivesofscientists said

    Yeah Mike!

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