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So angry I’m in tears.

Posted by Lissa on May 13, 2011

And unfortunately, the only person I have to be mad at is myself.

One of my manilla files that I REMEMBER having yesterday went missing. I tore apart my desk, the stacks of file folders, two offices and another desk before starting to page through our file cabinets one by one.

You know where it was?

In the file cart where it was supposed to be. Only I guess when I put it back yesterday I put it BETWEEN two hanging file folders instead of IN a folder. So it had fallen to the bottom and was lying underneath all the other folders.

Ever been immensely relieved and simultaneously FURIOUS at yourself? In my case, it results in suppressed tears. YMMV.

Happy Friday, all.

6 Responses to “So angry I’m in tears.”

  1. secretlivesofscientists said

    Nah, I would just get furious at the folder for falling. And then beat it mercilessly. Stupid folder!

    I have a little trick I use when I feel like I have to let the beast out and yell or thrash something at my desk but don’t really want to explain to anyone why I’m upset. It could be due to my boss, or because my annoying office mates need to be told for the 4th time today that their non-work-related ongoing conversations across the office are distracting and inconsiderate of people trying to get their work done, but when I reach that breaking point, I’ll slam my fist down on my desk and maybe give an emphatic “Uuuuhggghh!” And then, if I sense the office has gone quiet or someone inquisitively pokes their head into my cubicle, I say, “oh, sorry, I just got a bad papercut.”

  2. wolfwalker said

    Ever been immensely relieved and simultaneously FURIOUS at yourself?

    If I had the proverbial nickel for every time that had happened to me …

  3. guffaw said

    What Wolfwalker and Secretlivesofscientists said.
    You’re HUMAN. Creatures of this species make mistakes.
    Cut yourself a break.

  4. secretlivesofscientists said

    Yes – be nice to yourself, Lissa! If there’s anyone I know who deserves inward niceness, it’s you! Don’t sweat the small things, especially if you fixed them before they turned into huge f***ups; it takes waaaay too much energy. Be cool, baby; no harm done 😉

  5. Got you beat! Late one night I misplaced my glasses. I couldn’t find them anywhere and had the wife help me tear apart our apartment.

    They were on my nose right where they should have been. I was so tired my eyes weren’t focusing right so I FELT like I wasn’t wearing them.

    Hurp Durrrr!

  6. Lissa said

    Thanks so much, y’all. I don’t mind being human, I just hate being stupid 😉

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