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Seen at the college bookstore

Posted by Lissa on May 10, 2011


Do they look better if you boil them with bacon????

10 Responses to “Seen at the college bookstore”

  1. BornLib said

    “Do they look better if you boil them with bacon?”

    You have no idea.

  2. Mike said

    Well, we’re in the South now, so everything is made with bacon, even shirts.

  3. guffaw said

    pull hard

  4. At least they got the apostrophe right.

  5. I prefer to steam my Collard Green (shirts) with smoked turkey legs!

  6. quizikle said

    They be kollege gratuates.

  7. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  8. They wouldn’t have to pull so hard if they’d just realize that it’s a sliding door.

  9. KA9VSZ said

    Christina@4, I was about to show off by saying men’s is wrong. Luckily, I looked up the rule instead of pretending I knew what I was talking about. It’s a plural formed without the use of the s (men vs. mans) and it’s possesive so it oughta be…sigh…I’m gonna start drinking now thankyouverymuch.

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