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Day 1 of a new holster

Posted by Lissa on May 3, 2011

No, there are no pictures. Because it’s a Galco thigh holster. 🙂

Is it comfortable?

No, not really. It has to be pretty tight to keep from slipping, so there is noticeable pressure. Also, I am not built like a Barbie doll, so there is also, uh, friction as I walk. On the other hand, I find it very comfortable while sitting. And it’s much more comfortable than squeezing a gun into the waistband of my skirts (which were not bought with guns in mind). Bottom line – if you spend most of your day sitting down while wearing skirts, this could work for you.

Is it concealable?

For me, yes. This won’t work with thin satiny materials or skirts with a deep slit. But anything sturdy and especially a-lines work very well. There is a visible horizontal line from the holster but only for people looking really hard. Dark colors help. Bonus – I can hug people without giving myself away.

Is the gun held securely?

Surprisingly, it is! Kevin fits nicely, his trigger guard is completely covered, and there’s no wiggle or movement.

How’s the draw?

Much easier than back-of-the-hip, for me. Much, much easier when I’m seated.

Is there a spot for a spare mag?

No. Which is sad, but then again I don’t know how well it would fit.

Is it hot?

I don’t know yet. I imagine that, outdoors, it would become sweltering pretty quickly. On the other hand, I can’t conceal waistband carry unless I’m wearing a jacket, and that is DEFINITELY hot.

Conclusion: I think this will work! I bought the holster off Amazon so I could easily return it if necessary, but Day 1 is going quite well 🙂


2 Responses to “Day 1 of a new holster”

  1. Heh, timing. One of these was delivered to my wife a fortnight or so ago. And her comments have been almost exactly the same as yours. She is threatening to buy a piece of fake fur and sew it to the inside of the band to keep it from being so harsh.

    I’m just impressed how snugly that thin little piece of leather holds her Beretta.

  2. secretlivesofscientists said

    Like like like like like. like like like. I iz pooshing ur liek button.

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