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She owns a shotgun named Luciver. I think I’m gonna like this girl.

Posted by Lissa on April 27, 2011

We had a “Study Group” last night for our A&P Final (digestive system and reproductive system, yippee). I use quotes because it ended up being about an hour of studying followed by dinner, dessert and lots and lots of conversation 🙂 Of the three women I had over last night, two of them are very interested in learning to shoot.

The woman I mentioned in the post title — let’s call her Lacey — owns a shotgun for home defense. She practices with it when her father comes to town but is still a little nervous about it. Apparently she tried shooting his pistol once, but it was a .45 (I think) and kicked a lot and kind of frightened her. Also, she swears she was so bad at handling it that she’s much more accurate with her shotgun than a pistol!

So. We’re going to the range next Wednesday night! I’m going to have her double up on ear protection and play with Siguito the Mosquito and Siguette. If I can’t get her to be more accurate with a .22 than a shotgun, I’ll eat my hat.

Oh. And have I mentioned this woman looks like Barbie? Highlighted hair, blue eyes, and she works in a plastic surgery clinic; I’m fairly sure they play with Botox and other stuff when they’re bored.

I’ve said it before — Centerfire is a language that crosses all boundaries.

2 Responses to “She owns a shotgun named Luciver. I think I’m gonna like this girl.”

  1. Jay G. said

    Awesome, Lissa! I’m *SURE* you can help her out!

  2. momiss said

    I call mine Lady Madonna. For the protection. 🙂

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