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Introducing Mermaid Anorexic Barbie!

Posted by Lissa on April 24, 2011


Wait … You mean that’s a real person??? Oh … My bad …

3 Responses to “Introducing Mermaid Anorexic Barbie!”

  1. ZOMG, when I saw this ad in a magazine, I turned to one of my colleagues and asked if the model looked like a corpse to her, too…she’s got that “tarted-up-for-the-open-casket-viewing” look to me.

  2. Brad K. said


    I bet this ad doesn’t make the AANR newsletter (American Association for Nude Recreation – The credible voice of reason for nude recreation since 1931).

    Me, I object to makeup in the water. It clogs the filters. Leaving her hair long and loose, I expect she gets it all tangled but good.

    On the other hand, showing someone like the bikini-clad topless diver from Van Wilder likely won’t sell to the boutique crowd they seem to have targeted.

  3. The first time I saw this up in the corner of the main page, for just a moment I thought Amazon.com had started selling Realdolls.

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