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Phase 1: Task Force!

Posted by Lissa on April 22, 2011

Driving into work today, the Radio People threw out a teaser that Pres Obama was “finally going to do something about those high gas prices!”

Ho boy. I knew it wasn’t going to be anything useful in the long-term (like opening up some drilling sites or building a nuclear plant) but though it might be a short term gesture. You know, release some of the strategic petroleum reserve,something like that.

Nope! “A presidential task force to investigate fraud and price gouging.” Because, as the Radio People gleefully informed me, all you have to do is drive by a gas station and you know SOMEONE’s ripping you off!!!


I am sure this new commission will be every bit as successful as the Debt Commission was.

In other words, break out the bicycles!!

3 Responses to “Phase 1: Task Force!”

  1. Amy said

    Our current executive in charge is worthless. My only hope for the future is the hope that in 2012- anyone else wins the election. Pull a convict out of the prison system and stick them in there. It sure couldn’t be any worse.

    Meanwhile, I will continue getting chicken and planting both a garden and fruit trees. Hopefully, I can at least continue eating when the rest of my dwindling money goes to gas

    • No, Amy, he’s worse than useless. He’s harmful. He thinks the only thing better than $4.00 gas is $5.00 gallon gas. And $6.00 a gallon would be better still. He’s ruining the economy of this country on purpose to further his leftist goals.

      • Amy said

        That’s because he cares nothing about this country because he isn’t an American citizen.

        It’s like a terrorist working from the inside out to ruin the US.

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