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What to get your sweetie if he’s a gunnie

Posted by Lissa on April 20, 2011

A subtle encouragement to keep cleaning our guns after we go shooting? Maybe!


That’s a cleaning mat showing the different components of a Sig 229. Pretty cool, no? 🙂


5 Responses to “What to get your sweetie if he’s a gunnie”

  1. guffaw said

    Agreed! Very cool!
    Now, just add a plastic bin so the tiny parts won’t go missing!
    (speaking from sad experience – I actually use a restaurant busboy tub,
    to keep parts together, and collect liquids. But, I’m clumsy) gfa

  2. Heh, I just use an old bath towel!

  3. dr mac said

    I liked it.

  4. theAxe said

    Oooh you can tell what tiny spring or pin just flew off into oblivion and needs to be replaced.

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