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My gluteus maximus is being metaphorically whacked with metatarsals

Posted by Lissa on April 8, 2011

Otherwise known as “This stuff is kicking my ass!!”

Muscles. I thought I liked them. I’ve got a bunch of them and they let me lift heavy things and ambulate and shiver and stand upright and fun things like that. And I aced both my Bones exams, so I wasn’t fazed by the next chapter.

WRONG! There are just so MANY of the damn things! And they’re all layered together so you have to IMAGINE which ones go where!!


Test tomorrow and lab test next week. If I do well, perhaps I WON’T post the pic I snapped of the fetal pig in his formalin-soaked bag. *Blech*

Happy Friday!

3 Responses to “My gluteus maximus is being metaphorically whacked with metatarsals”

  1. It’s not going to kick your ass, YOU are going to kick its ass!!!

    You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. Don’t study too much and make sure to get plenty of rest.

  2. Amy said

    Please don’t share dead pig pix!

    Good luck on your test

  3. Butch Cassidy said

    A bit late for the “good luck” party, but here’s hoping it went well. Also, it is just plain rude to posses a picture of a fetal pig and not share.

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