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Visit accomplished!

Posted by Lissa on April 4, 2011

Good morning all! Well, despite a very poor beginning, we had a LOVELY weekend. The parents flew down from MA on Thursday night. We had planned to meet Mike’s parents for dinner, but had to cancel due to the small factor of a SIX HOUR DELAY ON THE FLIGHT. SIX. SUPPOSED TO LAND AT SIX AND INSTEAD LANDED AT MIDNIGHT. Fleh!

In abject remorse, Mother Nature sent us perfect and beautiful weather the rest of their visit — sunny, 82 and not at all humid. We hung out and talked a lot, I took my stepdad to the range, I helped spot unusual birds for my mom, and we took a boat tour and gawked at some of the mansions on the lake. Just a super happy visit!!

Of course, this morning I’m pretty tired and my house badly needs to be vacuumed. But that’ll all get fixed tonight 🙂

Happy Monday all, and I hope your weekend was as marvelous as mine was!


One Response to “Visit accomplished!”

  1. Amy said

    Glad you had a great weekend and a good visit

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