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Like stabbing a needle into my foot.

Posted by Lissa on March 17, 2011

EXACTLY like that. Twice.

In other words, I went to play with the podiatrist yesterday. The MRI seems to indicate that, if I suffered from avascular necrosis, it’s not actively happening right now. Also, since the unevenly sized sesamoids appear exactly mirror imaged bilaterally, the doc agrees with smart-lady B. — it’s just a genetic or physical quirk.

Then she stabbed me in both feet with syringes of cortisone. *whimper*

Actually, it wasn’t THAT bad. It did hurt, but they blast you with cold spray so it numbs it a bit. More uncomfortable was the fact that my feet were tingling and throbbing for the rest of the day. Twelve hours of pins and needles, yay!

So we’ll see. If it helps I get to do it once or twice more. If it DOESN’T help, well, it was worth a *shot*. (ducks and runs)

Happy St. Patty’s Day, everyone!


One Response to “Like stabbing a needle into my foot.”

  1. B said


    I’d suggest seeing a really good sport medicine ortho or PT if continuing running is important to you.

    Your average podiatrist isn’t always as up on the finer point of running. Thou maybe you are already with a podiatrist who is knowledgeable about running

    The cortisone should get the current inflammation down but it doesn’t treat the underlying cause.

    good luck


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