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Lissa was a silly kitty and paid the price.

Posted by Lissa on March 2, 2011

Have I ever mentioned that the Black Jewels books are one of my favorite series EVER? The follow-up books aren’t as delicious as the original trilogy, but every new story that allows me to wallow in the world a little longer makes me want to pick up the pages and just rub them all over my body. SRSLY.
SO, when I found out during lunch that a new one (Twilight’s Dawn) was out, I downloaded it to Kindle and began ravenously cramming paragraphs down my pinhole. I couldn’t finish the whole thing, of course, but the book consisted of four novellas; I finished the first and started the second before the hour was done.
And then … as I left the parking lot … I had this brilliant idea. See, traffic is kinda bad if I leave on time, but significantly lighter if I linger a half hour. So I pulled over, killed the engine, grabbed my iPhone and began book binging. I figured I could finish the second story, have a faster commute home and have a win-win. Makes perfect sense!

An hour and thirty minutes later:
– I realize the first story was very short and the second story is very long
– I have made like a crack addict with a pipe and finished it anyway
– I thank my stars that mike is traveling and dinner is leftovers
– I turn my key and hear CLICK CLICK CLICK

Sigh. Yeah. 45 minutes later AAA efficiently jumped my battery and I drove home, cursing my stupidity the whole way.

… but, while waiting, I made it halfway through the third novella! Yay!!

The End

P.S. Did I mention I had to write a paper last night?


5 Responses to “Lissa was a silly kitty and paid the price.”

  1. Amy said

    Sounds like a good book!

  2. Jay G. said


    I do that at night when I get to reading. I’ll intend to read for 10 minutes “until I get sleepy” and then look up and realize that it’s 3AM…

  3. RobertM said

    Good books, I read them a few years ago. Might have to pick this new offering up once I reduce the fiction stack on my desk a bit.

  4. Brad K. said

    I re-read the first two in paperback about three weeks ago – then couldn’t find the third for a couple weeks. That as a late night, for me. I get those late nights also when Patricia Briggs comes out with another Mercedes Thompsen book.

    Have you tried Elizabeth Moon’s fantasy “Deed of Paksennarian” or the exceptional SF, “Once a Hero”? As I was told some 33 years ago in Future Fantasy, a Palo Alto, CA bookstore, “Do not start the second book of Deed of Paksennarion (Divided Allegiance) until you have the third title in hand.” Seriously – the ending of the second book isn’t a cliff hanger – it includes the drop.

    How about Patricia Briggs’ short, “Alpha and Omega” in the collection “On the Prowl”? Or Wen Spencer’s “Tinker” or “A Brother’s Price”? Or the SF Liaden book, “Scout’s Progress” and Agent of Change sequence? Or any of Kelley Armstrong’s Ladies of the Underworld books?

    Enjoy the reading!

  5. SCI-FI said


    But a good book is soooo worth it….

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