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A gunnie conversation with my Anatomy&Physiology prof

Posted by Lissa on February 28, 2011

ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY PROFESSOR (APP): “Yeah, my mom’s going to outlive all her kids.  I mean, the woman packs!

LISSA (instantly): “What does she pack?”

APP (a little surprised): “Excuse me?”

LISSA (with obvious interest): “What kind of gun does she carry?”

APP (looking almost embarrassed): “A hogleg.

LISSA (delighted): “Really?? What kind??”

APP (fumbling): “It’s a 45.  A sixshooter.”

LISSA:  (beams)

APP (trying to recover): “Me, I prefer the 1911.”  (pause) “Do you know what that is?”

LISSA (trying not to laugh, nor to look snobbish or haughty) “Oh yes! My friend up in Massachusetts has a Gold Cup ACP, match-quality, that he let me shoot.”

APP (enviously): “Yeah, mine’s not that nice.”


We continued the gunnie conversation during the break and in the walk to the parking lot after class.  He says, by the way, that he would totally take a Berretta if someone gave it to him, because he would immediately sell it and buy something that works.  (No knocks of people who like Berrettas – I’m just repeating what he said!)

Isn’t it fun when someone shares your interests??

9 Responses to “A gunnie conversation with my Anatomy&Physiology prof”

  1. hiro said

    That’s always a good feeling to have

  2. Jay G. said

    Heh. “Do you know what that is?”

    “Yes, and I probably shoot it better than you do”…

  3. bluesun said

    One of my profs was the adviser for the Shooting and Archery club, and the local contact for the Civilian Marksman Program. And about as conservatively-politically incorrect as a person can be and still be employed by a public university system. It’s always fun to get people like that.

  4. Amy said

    Gotta love it when you can compare arsenals with someone 😉

  5. Butch Cassidy said

    One of the guest instructors during my EMT course carried a 1911 of some compact description SOB (while wearing bell-bottom jeans, no less). I was the only one to ever notice, and even then, I only looked for it because at one point, he accidentally flashed his double mag-pouch. He was a very cool guy and approved of j-frames, one which may have been in my pocket at the time.

    About Beretta: I always tried to hate them, and now I own three. How does that happen?

  6. jason said

    i teach a small class (six students)with two gunnies enrolled. it’s really hard for us to not talk guns the whole time. @Bluesun–there are more of us than many people think (we’re still a minority, but we exist).

  7. Must… resist… urge to… destroy… anti-Beretta remarks…




  8. “Isn’t it fun when someone shares your interests??”

    “Especially out of the blue.”

  9. HYUK!!! I hope I get THAT kind of A&P teacher next semester!

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