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From the dream journal

Posted by Lissa on February 24, 2011

Last night I dreamed that I was in a water park with a dying cat.

Welcome to my subconscious. 🙂

It’s not as grim as it sounds, though … It was my cat, but it wasn’t Rajah. This cat was colored similarly but was much longer and skinnier and older. I think most of my dream revolved around keeping the cat dry (or at least not drowning) and trying to beam-ourselves-up-Scotty at designated beaming stations. Did you know that you have to close your eyes when you disintegrate lest they fly out of your skull? Yeah, me neither.

Of course, I woke up with The Rajah patting my face, so that eyeball thing could have been prompted by paws’n’claws 🙂

P.S. Thank you, busy people, for the helpful tips! I’ll have a more detailed response in Week 2. Assuming this week doesn’t kill me. 😉

2 Responses to “From the dream journal”

  1. secretlivesofscientists said

    I didn’t get to leave my 2 cents earlier on the whole job-work-life balance thing. I don’t have much to add, personally, but one of the women I met at Sandia Labs transitioned from full-time schedule to part-time schedule after her second kid was born. Interestingly, she said this has made both work and home easier, but hasn’t had a negative impact on her career. She’s a senior staff scientist, which is a pretty respectable position for someone her age; she has two personal lab techs and one post-doc and commands more successful projects than anyone else in her division, all while only working 3 days per week on site. My guess is that this kind of compartmentalization makes it easier to stay organized and on top your life. She doesn’t end up worry about not being there for her kids, which would be quite the work distraction while at work, and this allows her to be more efficient and focused while at work. Plus, I can only dream about how nice it must be to have only a 3-day long work week. Apparently, she was the first woman at Sandia to do this, about 6 years ago, and since then, with her being so successful, 2 other women have followed her example. So, I found that really interesting. I know not every work situation allows that, but it makes a lot of sense: compartmentalizing ones life can make a person more efficient and better all around.

  2. mike w. said

    Last night I dreamed that I was in a water park with a dying cat.

    Well there’s an opening sentence I never thought I’d read….

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