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Posted by Lissa on February 14, 2011

I’ve got news, everyone! Two pieces of happy news and one piece of sad news. Sad news first:

So, remember the Workout Wednesday posts? Remember how I worked my way up to 5k and then to four miles and was really proud of myself? Well, shortly after that I started having trouble running … It just felt like my feet were whamming and I couldn’t find a quick light stride and it was all very discouraging. We figured it was probably a case of plantar fascitis and I took a few weeks off, then went back to short runs. WHAM WHAM WHAM, plus pain in the soles of my feet. Another few weeks off, plus new running shoes that help correct my tendency to pronate … WHAM WHAM WHAM, and now pain in BOTH feet, especially first thing in the morning. *crap* So I bit the bullet and went to a podiatrist.

Guess what? She first thought it was Turf Toe, but upon x-rays it turned out that both my feet have imbalances sesamoids. Those are, apparently, two little bones around the tendon and they’re supposed to be the same size. In both my feet one is significantly smaller than the other, which may be due to avascular necrosis. JOY!! Consequently I spent my Saturday afternoon getting my feet fed into an MRI machine.

By the way, my new goal in LIFE is to NEVER injure my head, neck, shoulders or torso in such a way that would get me fed in head-first. I would have been a gibbering wreck. Damn claustrophobia!!

Sigh. Onto Good News Item the First: I got a job! YAY HOORAY! I start next week for what I’m going to call Florida Financial. It’s a few towns down the road but my commute will still be shorter than it was into Boston. And I’m guaranteed a seat!! And I won’t have random strangers sweating onto me, yay!! 🙂

Finally, Good News Item the Second: I’m sitting on a boat waiting to take a quick trip to Mexico. Because life is good. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!!

9 Responses to “News!!!”

  1. Then here’s a little more good news. There are “open” MRI machines that even I can tolerate with severe claustrophobia.

    Have fun. 🙂

  2. Amy said

    Sorry to hear about your feet.

    Enjoy Mexico!

  3. Butch Cassidy said

    Try holding your baby daughter still while she goes through a CT scan. No, I wouldn’t know, I was standing with the tech, but my wife had on the lead apron and was a gibbering wreck.

    Good luck with your feet, and have a nice, warm Valentine’s Day.

  4. SCI-FI said

    Been head-first into an MRI. Twice, in fact. Like having your head stuffed in a trash can while a fire alarm goes off non-stop. Ugh.

  5. MaddMedic said

    I agree MRIs are no fun and I have had a few.
    Last one was for my hip and I was ready to haul myself out gibbering and howling…
    Hate them…

    Good luck with the feet….

  6. secretlivesofscientists said

    I had a head-neck-shoulder MRI. I asked them what they do for claustrophobic cases, and they said they encourage them to take their ipod/MP3 players and close their eyes and listen to music during the MRI, and then the techs cross their fingers and hope the patients don’t try to climb out of the MRI midway through.

  7. Jennifer said

    We screen for claustrophobia in our research studies, but you still occasionally have someone come in and do an MRI scan who doesn’t know their claustrophobic until they are in the machine.

    One of many reasons why I’m making the switch to using EEG instead of MRI in my research.

    Have fun in Mexico!

  8. B said

    I’ll be interested to hear what they find from the MRI…. seems unlikely that you would have identical bilateral necrotic injuries… sounds more like an unusual anatomical variation…. like you were born that way…

    reminds me of a guy i met in college… was doing crew… having horrible pain with the long runs…. was quick apparent what the problem was, when his feet both pointed forward his right knee was rotated out about 45 degree laterally, He had a torsion of his femur that NO ONE notice in 19 years cause he’d never tried running distances. solution was no more running.


  9. I know little about the effects of claustrophobia, and spent most of my offshore pirate-life in VERY cramped quarters, still I also suspect that a healthy dose of sedatives/anti-anxiety drugs should help things a LOT too. If you ever get the call to have a peek, see if you can get a couple of ativans prescribed.

    For commiseration the wife still talks about her 24 hour post-op MRI (Never posted the picture, but it was pretty bloody and gross) but all that noise and confinement with a recently-opened skull was NOT a fun time for her.

    Have fun on the boat!

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