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Today’s Nugget of Wisdom

Posted by Lissa on February 10, 2011

Learning about guns from Hollywood and rap music is like learning about sex from Penthouse and Skinemax. THAT BUS OF HORNY CHEERLEADERS AIN’T NEVER GONNA SHOW UP.


7 Responses to “Today’s Nugget of Wisdom”

  1. alan said

    It’s not? Dammit!

  2. Minnie said


    That’s all.

  3. ZerCool said

    You know, I never thought those stories were true until I went to the Annual Northeast Bloggershoot…

  4. Amy said


    Ok – thanks for that laugh!

  5. Wally said

    I am a pistol instructor, and always identify the noob in class and go out of my way to teach against the holywood myths. I may have to add your quote to the presentation 🙂

  6. ATTYYA said

    Perfect! ❤

  7. Glenn B said

    You’re right, it wasn’t a busload of horny cheerleaders because the bus broke down, but it was a few carloads and they all stayed at the same hotel as me that night – woo-woooooooooo!

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