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Happy Caturday: Frustrated Rajah edition

Posted by Lissa on February 6, 2011

Hey, remember this video?

Well, it’s been WEEKS since I’ve suffered a Rajah-bite.  He used to try at least once a day and draw blood perhaps once a week, yet (by rough count) I’ve gone about 21 days without a puncture.

Has he suddenly become a reformed character?

Hardly.  It’s just that I’ve had the following brilliant insights:

1. Given prior warning (i.e. no stalking), I’m faster than he is.

2. I have two hands and he can only watch one of them at a time.

And thus, the game that I call “Pattycake” was born!

(Note – turn up the volume to truly appreciate the anguished longing in his howls!)

Camera credit goes to Mike.  (I was so busy provoking  the kitty and avoiding his lunges that I didn’t even notice the camera till we were done!)

And go Packers!!!

8 Responses to “Happy Caturday: Frustrated Rajah edition”

  1. wrm said

    We have a crazy cat like that as well.

    I was expecting him to go for your face.

  2. Linoge said

    Just remember the one consistent thought that goes through all domesticated cats’ minds – “If I were bigger, I’d eat you.”

    He knows where you sleep ;).

  3. George said

    …and you wonder WHY he attacks you?

  4. breda said

    Poor Rajah. Such ceaseless torment he suffers.

  5. Lissa said

    George and Breda – no, no, you’ve got it all wrong! He started it!

    He does, actually — he suddenly gets it into his head that he wants to Bite Mommy. When that happens, my choices are:

    A) douse him with water;
    B) sternly tell him “No!” and hope that he listens (doubtful); or
    C) start taunting and distracting him as seen above.

    Choice C provides entertainment AND a tooth-free Mommy-skin. Win-win!

  6. breda said

    Clearly Rajah needs a little brother to torment him

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