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Posted by Lissa on February 2, 2011

Good morning everyone!  The water heater is fixed, the guests have departed back to colder climes, and classes are settling into a somewhat-routine for me.  Oh, and there’s a thing I want that I’m told is 99.99% sure will be mine.  Y’all cross your fingers, okay? Please?

So, I’d like to give you a movie review on SALT, and a show review for “Harry’s Law,” and tell you about the water heater leak, and explain why I’m so so excited for the month of March, but I can’t do any of that.  I can’t, until I get this out of the way first:

I am . . . a very reluctant TJIC.


I had read some of TJIC’s posts when linked by my good friend Borepatch.  I’ve never linked him myself, nor read him regularly, because he’s just not my cup of tea.  And quite frankly I found his “1 down, 534 to go” title to be reprehensible.  Boorish.  Inappropriate.  Disgusting. Abhorrent.  Distasteful.  I can keep going.

But making a nasty, *ssh*le-ish comment shouldn’t be enough to get your gun rights taken away. (Especially with no trial, arrestable crime or discovery process.  Nope, good ol’ MA can just decide that you don’t *deserve* your guns and take away your ability to legally own them.)

You know what’s funny?  I wish TJIC were a liberal. I would find it much less distasteful to defend free speech that called for Sarah Palin’s assassination or the oldie-but-goodie of wishing death on Dubya.  In fact, I’d probably feel pretty good as I did it — maybe even smugly self-righteous.  “Just because I disagree with everything s/he says doesn’t give the government a right to yank his/her permit,” I’d state nobly.

Instead, I find myself with a good dollop of  “Oh dammit I have to defend WHAT?  This guy’s supposed to be on MY team?”

Sigh.  I know, I know; with friends like these, who needs enemies?

Nonetheless.  Just because TJIC wrote something that I find extremely offensive does not make it right for the MA government to yank his gun license.  It’s not right.  It’s very, very wrong, and inappropriate, and outrageous, and eons worse (and more dangerous!) than what he wrote.  (Duh.)

I very much hope that the higher-ups in the Volksrepublik of MA have reconsidered their rash and inappropriate action.

P.S. The predicted high for today is 82°.  Gun laws are only one of the reasons I like Florida!

2 Responses to “Overdue”

  1. breda said

    Just like you don’t yell “fire!” in a crowded theater, don’t say stupid shit in MA.

    So, yeah, I’m reluctant too. He has every right to say what he wants, but he also has to be aware of the risks and be willing to accept the repercussions.

  2. I was at first reluctant to join in the protest, but after thinking about it I decided that it’s important to defend his right to say something offensive free of repercussions from the government because it’s important for everyone to be able to do so. As reprehensible as I find some comments from people on the left, it’s important that they be allowed to do so because that’s what the First Amendment is all about. Remember that the First Amendment is all about protecting unpopular positions from government retribution. With that in mind it’s easier to support TJIC.

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