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Poor Rajah’s had a rough morning

Posted by Lissa on January 14, 2011

I noticed yesterday morning that Rajah was grooming his man-bits more compulsively than normal.  He seemed okay during the afternoon — his usual six-hour nap was uninterrupted — but then during the evening I observed him going to his litter box MUCH more frequently than normal.  Impotently, too — he wasn’t producing anything.

“Oh joy,” said I to myself.  “Urinary tract infection!  Hooray!”

He only had three of the six most-common symptoms; he wasn’t crying in the litter box, having accidents, or bleeding, so that was good.  But still, it was awfully hard last night to watch him going to the box over and over.  I tried to distract him with toys and petting and treats.

It was harder this morning when I popped awake at 4:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep.  The vet didn’t open for another three hours.  So, three hours of watching my poor kitty compulsively scratch in the litter box and lick his much-abused private parts.

The vet finally opened and I made the earliest possible appointment.  Unfortunately, that was 9:30.  So, another two hours of watching Rajah suffer — fun fun!  Actually, happily, it wasn’t that bad.  He slept for almost an hour on my lap, and then getting breakfast and getting dressed and getting him into the carrier took up a good chunk of the remainder.

Like most cats, Rajah hates the vet.  He cowered and looked miserable and tried to make it all disappear by hiding his face in the crook of my elbow.  When that didn’t work, he moved on to more drastic methods: having his first small accident on the vet counter.  So add the pungent reek of cat pee to the morning’s festivities.

The doc agreed that it was probably a UTI and gave me two bottles of oral antibiotics. I thanked him, paid, and brought Rajah home.

Only to pull him out of the carrier and squirt 1 ML of Clavamox into his mouth.  Yum yum!

And it turned out that his underside was sodden with urine.  So then he got sink-scrubbed.

And it’s not even eleven AM yet!

I know y’all wanted kitty pix, but probably not this one:

8 Responses to “Poor Rajah’s had a rough morning”

  1. alan said

    Poor Rajah! I hope he gets better quick so you can go back to the REAL humiliating cat photos.

  2. Borepatch said

    Best wishes for a return to feline normality!

  3. Jay G. said

    Sounds like Rajah should never have left Massachusetts. You can still come back you know!


    (Seriously, get better soon Rajah!)

  4. breda said

    Oh, poor baby! Aww..it’s so hard to see them sick. Hugs to you both.

  5. B said

    He doing better?

  6. Wow. That pic looks more like a Dark Lord of the Sith getting ready to put your blood on the wrong side of your skin!

    Looks like we’re both having problems in the puddy-tat department. Here’s to hoping they heal up quick!


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