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Radio gun bigot

Posted by Lissa on December 16, 2010

I was running errands yesterday when the DJ started pontificating on Hulk Hogan’s wedding.  (I know — a subject about which you surely care as much as I.  Namely, zero.)  It seems that, upon forcible expulsion, a paparazzo declared that he was carrying a gun and was wrestled to the ground.

So far so boring, right?  Hulk Hogan, wedding, paparazzo, threats, *yawn*.  But then the DJ went on to declare:

“I just don’t understand why people are allowed to have guns.  Y’know?  Like, why don’t we just limit it to police and military? Why should people be allowed to have deadly weapons, y’know?”

At that point I just about broke my finger stabbing for another channel.

Why, indeed?  After all, police and military are the Only Ones Professional Enough . . .

Please note that I have great respect for officers of the law.  I believe the vast majority of police are upstanding members of the public and do a hard job for a small salary. But that does not AT ALL mean that:

– I trust them to be the ONLY armed members of society; nor that

– I trust them to ALWAYS be on call and within reach when someone the size of Hulk Hogan — or hell, the average paparazzo — goes goblin; nor that

– I choose to forfeit my Constitutional right; nor that

– I allow someone else to deprive me of my Constitutional right; and especially not that

– I think the average radio DJ put any thought into his statement.  🙂

(BTW, it was 35 degrees this morning and the high for today is 71.  My thermometer is asking for the name of Breda’s chiropractor.)


4 Responses to “Radio gun bigot”

  1. Sarah said

    I wonder if that DJ has a journalism or broadcast-communications degree? Some do and some don’t. If he doesn’t, then maybe he shouldn’t get to exercise the First Amendment like he’s doing, as he’s not one of the Only Ones. Just sayin’.

  2. Hulk Hogan. Hulk Freaking Hogan. What part of not listening to orders to leave at HULK %^&#!$% HOGAN’s wedding seemed like a good idea? Armed or not, chances are that most people there could break you cleanly in half one-handed.

    Oh, and, “Why should people be allowed to have deadly weapons, y’know?” Hello, we are talking about Mr. Hogan’s wedding here, a man whose arms are as deadly as just about anything else.

  3. Some people just don’t get it. Even down here in the (somewhat) free south, although, I wouldn’t be surprised if said DJ was a transplant from one of the less free states. My wish is that those from such places who don’t believe in freedom and liberty would just stay there. You, Lissa, of course we are happy to have here.

    Reminds me of a conversation I had with a NY city transplant who was SHOCKED to hear that I could go to any gunshop in Florida and walk out mere minutes later with a properly purchased, fully legal handgun (he seemed oddly comforted by the fact that he would have to wait 3 days if he wanted one, go figure). His stated reason for leaving NY? “It’s just not safe up there anymore man!”. I guess the irony was lost on him.

    BTW Lissa, has someone turned you on to the Gutmacher book yet? If your live here in Florida and are a gun owner, it is a MUST read. Let me know if you would like to borrow a copy.


  4. Brad K. said

    In Indiana, I suppose an argument could be made that police shouldn’t be allowed to have police cars, since one or two use them to drive drunk and run over people.

    The founding fathers found it to be as important for the citizens of the US to be armed as to read and write. Reading and writing (in English) aren’t protected in the Constitution.

    Armed Americans serve several purposes. First of all, is that the threat of invasion is much less if the average citizen has access to weapons that are able to support military and police resistance. Americans have been armed, and suffered few invasions. Other nations disarmed their citizens, and suffered invasions. There are other factors, including the strength of the American economy up until the last couple of years.

    The next purpose is the reason the founding father were so adamant about an armed citizenry. Tyrants. They designed a government that was cumbersome for what it was supposed to do, had checks and balances (as long as everyone obeyed the Constitution and the laws), and each step of the way limited the power of the government and government officials. Yet they realized that if someone without scruples were to ignore and get around those checks and balances, that a tyrant could indeed dismantle the government and abuse this nation. One of the most important first steps of any developing tyrant is to establish power over everyone else – to disarm them. Armed Americans don’t flirt with lawless behavior – they stand behind the laws, an ongoing consequence that has kept tyrants from running amok in the US. Up until the last couple of years, anyway.

    Armed Americans, whether pleasure shooters that never see the outside of a range, collectors that barely know how to fire one of their weapons, those that depend on hunting for meat in the pot or just recreation – these Americans stand as an important safeguard that preserve the stability of our government and our nation. It doesn’t matter what any of these gun owners’ primary intention is.

    Your DJ is a product of affluence. He has long had the opportunity to choose to live away from poverty and the routine abuse of the poor we call ‘crime’. With the coming economic collapse as international markets for oil collapse from growing demand and dwindling ability to produce oil (nothing to do with the *amount* of oil available in the ground) – his choices might well dwindle.

    Unless you or a loved one have faced the truth that criminals disobey laws – including (especially?) laws to restrict weapons – that fanciful slogan, “When seconds count, the police are minutes away”, is just that, a fanciful slogan. He disregards FBI reports that every state in the last decade that legalized concealed carry saw crime rates for all categories of violent crime – decrease. He disregards those communities that passed ordinances requiring every homeowner to own and possess a firearm – saw decreases in all forms of crime. Not decreases in just shootings, but all crimes. It seems that criminals do consider the deterrent effect of an armed populace, much the way nations and tyrants do.

    Lastly, I feel there is an important distinction that has to be made. Certain segments of society hold that there are no life-and-death decisions. Either they believe their affluence solves their problems, or they hold to beliefs that cede all important choices to someone (a leader) or some teaching. Yet we know this isn’t true. We know that end-of-life choices exist, whether to commit a parent, friend, or other loved one to nursing care or to disable medical intervention. Abortion is rarely a ‘convenience’ choice. There is a valid reason to include abortion as part of family planning, not the least of which is that recreational sex seems to violate every religious precept that abhors abortion. Anyway, I hope no one I know ever chooses an abortion, but I pray that if the need is there, that the procedure is still legal. I recall that abortion was legalized to reduce the atrocious number of deaths suffered from illegal abortions, not to be ‘convenient’.

    What I mean is – choosing to be armed is something that too many are affluent enough to disbelieve – that often there is no easy answer.

    The Conceal Carry Association made a point a while back, that failing to carry – and being able to protect your home and your community – is a moral failing.

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