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Workout Wednesday and Delicious Meat

Posted by Lissa on December 8, 2010

Helllooooo everybody!  Between stabbing myself in the palm with sewing shears and spearing myself on straight pins, it’s been a Christmassy workshop around here.  But we’re still finding time to work out 🙂  In fact, last week I jogged 4.0 miles without stopping — that’s the longest I’ve ever done.  I would like to thank the Academy; my husband Mike, for being my running partner; and beautiful Florida, for providing perfect 55° weather and flat sidewalks with no hills.  It’s really pretty awesome when setting out for a 2.6 mile run with no stops is a “short” run.

One thing I’ve noticed, technique-wise: I have to start very, very slow.  Jogging-at-the-speed-of-powerwalking slow.  If I start super-slow then I can concentrate on form and focus on quick, light footsteps with a fast turnover.  Once I settle into rhythm then I can speed up and go from there.  If, instead, I start at a normal speed?  Disaster!  I gasp for breath, my feet start pounding, my shins ache, I can’t flow, and all I want to to do is stop and walk.  Seriously, the first 5 minutes of my run can make, or ruin, the next 35.

And why do we need to make sure we work out?  Well . . .

Chianti braised short ribs coming up!

. . . it just so happens that short ribs were on sale this week 🙂  I couldn’t find any recipe I really liked, so I kind of made it up as I went along.  (Sliced onions across the bottom, topped with sun dried tomato spread, sprinkled savory, marjoram, thyme and a bit of mustard, browned short ribs, sauteed minced garlic, halved baby portabellas, a few sliced carrots, fresh chopped rosemary, beef broth, and Chianti.  Low and slow, baby!)

Oh, and since The Runt Compound was showing off knives, I’d like to show you the best use for a watch that has a dead battery:

Hideaway beneath watch

(That’s my little Hideaway knife, set to be grabbed with my right hand.  Damn I love that thing.)

2 Responses to “Workout Wednesday and Delicious Meat”

  1. Butch Cassidy said

    As a man who has never been able to run more than a mile, I salute you. I can climb a mountain, walk all day, ride a bike across town, but for some reason running just never works out.

    As a guy who likes some good slow cooked meat, and nice fresh-sliced mushrooms, I now have another recipe to add to the “makes my mouth water” list.

    As a married man, I say, “Crap, my wife is going to kill me if I order one of those, but I want one to lace up in my work boots.”

    • Mike said

      We started off with a program that had us althernate running for a minute/walking for 1.5 minutes. We upped it week by week from there. I’d like to work on speed a little bit, but being able to run for a long time is nice.

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