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Why Pocket Rockets are awesome!

Posted by Lissa on December 3, 2010


This is one of my favorite shirts – it’s comfortable, the color is nice and rich, and it’s appropriate for either business-casual attire (worn over a nice skirt) or over jeans for a casual look.  And hey, who would ever notice that little lump in my pocket?

In fact, the iPhone and spare magazine in my other pocket makes almost as big a lump as the gun does. Pretty inconspicuous!

I’m not of the demographic that gets eyeballed real hard for weapons. Unless folks really know what to look for, that lump — and the clip, if it’s visible — are much more likely to be ID’d as a palm pilot, or a Blackberry, or something else electronic.

It’s not very visible from the side, either:

IWB carry is more difficult for me. Most of my shirts fit well at the waist, which means that even dark fabrics and patterned fabrics print pretty sharply when I’m sitting or in motion. (I tried to take a picture but the dark shirt didn’t show it very well.)

My Kevin fits nicely in the front pocket of my favorite jeans, my cargoes, and even my shorts.  As long as my shirt is long enough to cover the grip, I’m good to go.  And it’s much easier to keep an eye on that coverage when it’s my pocket instead of behind my back.  (When I do carry IWB I’m constantly checking to make sure my shirt hasn’t ridden up behind.  Does everyone do that? Or is just ’cause it’s new to me?)

Finally, for old times’ sake and for comparison, here is Siguette carried IWB:

It looks like my booty just grew an overhang/shelf. Yeah.  I don’t think so.

In other happy Gun News, Borepatch — who is now a citizen rather than a subject — has purchased the first gun of his very own.  Go tell him Congrats!!

5 Responses to “Why Pocket Rockets are awesome!”

  1. George said

    I carry either in my from pocket (S&W 442) or just behind the hip, almost vertical (1911), and constantly
    check to make certain my shirt or shirt tail hasn’t ridden up. I’ve been doing this religiously since 1973.
    NOT a newby thing, a careful thing.

  2. Joe Allen said

    Ha! “Does this gun make my butt look big?”

  3. Jay G. said

    Lissa, I’ve been carrying for 16 years now, and I still check my cover garment every time I move. Even in FLA, you’re not safe, as open carry is illegal (unless you’re fishing), so if your gun were to be exposed you could conceivably be in trouble (although something tells me that a little flash of a grip wouldn’t be noticed).

  4. Ruth said

    I completely agree, from looking at the photo’s the new gun hides amazingly well! I shall be putting it on my list to take a closer look at for myself!

  5. ZerCool said

    Checking the shirt-tail is a reflex for me now, even if I happen to not be carrying at that moment… so it’s not just you!

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