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I haven’t laughed this hard since — well, the last time I laughed at pop princesses

Posted by Lissa on December 2, 2010

I know.  Low-hanging fruit.  I KNOW.  But really, if I don’t do it, who will?  And one hysterical laughing fit per day DOES keep the doctors away.  (Though you should still eat your apples, y’all!)

Anyway.  This is one of those annoying bouncy Katy Perry songs.  I consider them appropriate for workout mixes if they’re catchy, but I’ve despised this one ever since I first saw it scroll across the radio bar.  HOW HARD IS IT TO SPELL “GIRLS”???**

I made it ALMOST to the end, giggling away the whole time, but I gave up at 3:20.  Squirting whipped cream out of double cannisters held to your chest?  SRSLY???  I started choking as I laughed and feared injury.

That’s supposed to be SEXY?  REALLY?  Bouncing around in ice-cream bikinis with very obvious cherries?  I can’t stop laughing, so in a way I’m enjoying myself, but somehow I can’t believe that was the hoped-for reaction.

You want sexy, Katy Perry?  I’ll give you sexy.

She’s a better singer than you AND she sings in French AND she’s wearing actual clothing AND she could KICK YOUR ASS.

Naked except for cloud wisps and a hideous wig? Not sexy.  Ass-kicking?


And oh, Snoop Dogg, what hath become of thee?  You’ve gone from Gin and Juice to being dressed up like a pedophile pimp on a Candyland board??  I’ve got one thing to say to you:

*sigh*  What IS shallow, silly, unimportant pop culture coming to???


**The official title of the song is “California Gurls.”  Really.  I have to flip the channel or I have the killer urge to smash my radio.

9 Responses to “I haven’t laughed this hard since — well, the last time I laughed at pop princesses”

  1. Butch Cassidy said

    Came back to edit spelling in another comment, felt the need to mention that some women can look beautiful, sing well, and still not be a tramp on Sesame Street:

  2. alan said

    Mmmmmm… Ziva.

  3. Paladin said

    Ziva + Back Dimples + French Language = WIN!

  4. Brad K. said

    I believe “California Girls” was a Beach Boys song, and didn’t have Snoop Dogg. With the video, it is possible naked Katie Perry’s song might be playing in 40 years, but . . how many of us really recall the cover of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass’ album, “Whipped Cream and Other Delights?”

    I have been considering this song for a couple of weeks. It seems to me that California Gurls – with plastic wigs, toying with CandyLand themes, mixing Biblical (the drinking straw snakes in paradise), sex and childhood themes is continuing the Beach Blanket Bingo surfer movie, teen exploitation movie themes. They glamorize the Playboy Philosophy of sex as social recreation instead of searching for a mate-prospect, to get on with real life.

    “Skin so hot” . . indeed. Like Viagra – they don’t make better babies.

  5. Ross said

    Ick. I could listen to about 20 seconds of that… thing. It DEFINITELY wasn’t the “California Girls” I rocked to when I was a teenager. It’s not even the “California Girls that Gretchen looks so good singing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6nygPJMNBU

    California “gurls”??? Ick.

  6. MPH said

    Now this one got me laughing, at the same place it did you (I’m the same person who just posted a comment about your “previous pop princess” post).

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