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Are there any Glenn Beck fans out there? Can you explain this to me?

Posted by Lissa on November 5, 2010

I’ve never been a Glenn Beck fan.  Or a Rush Limbaugh fan.  Or a Sean Hannity fan.  I just don’t listen to Talk Radio.

So perhaps it’s incredibly unfair of me to judge a man, and a show by one clip.  Anyone want to help me out?

This clip was linked by both Ace of Spades and Hot Air yesterday morning:

I watched the whole thing waiting for it to get better.  To get funny.

I wanted to jam a pencil in each eye and drumsticks through my eardrums.

What is WRONG with the high-pitched hysterical laughter guy?  What is UP with the stupid singing?

If I had walked into this cold I’d think this was an SNL skit from the same people who made “I can see Russia from my house!” possibly the most famous line that was never spoken by a politician.

Someone want to enlighten me please???



3 Responses to “Are there any Glenn Beck fans out there? Can you explain this to me?”

  1. Brad K. said


    This is humor. There is no humor without pain or humiliation of someone.

    If you find joy a happier way to live, then most humor loses it’s appeal. Blonde jokes, ethnic stereotypes, “kick ’em when they’re down” strategies – these aren’t your comfortable, socialized, respectful ways to conduct yourself or to communicate well. They are divisive, creating divisions between “us” and “them”, and unsubtle ways of social manipulation of “them” . . and “us”.

    Any appeal of that clip goes to the story telling. If the approach and presentation engage your attention, you are invited to share the storyteller’s emotional expression – Beck’s laughter and naysaying of the administration and Democratic political rhetoric. Was the riff shallow and self-centered? Yep. But probably more entertaining than what I have seen from Obama’s supporters, or B. Hussein Obama himself, in my experience.

    I found the clip more of an oncoming trainwreck – a morbid fascination to see if there was anything at all worth my while. Which I often find in Beck’s performances. The recap of Democrat setbacks was interesting, although there wasn’t much context or depth, just mere recitation of various results. I was disappointed that the Reid debacle, and the already proven misconduct of SEIU with apparently tampered-with voting machines in Nevada, didn’t make the list of issues remaining from the election.

    So, for this clip, I imagine much of the appreciation – for those that do – is engagement with a favored story teller, and not necessarily an independent appreciation for this particular story.

  2. It speaks to the 14 year old boy within. I found it hilarious.


  3. wolfwalker said

    You didn’t miss anything, Lissa. Glenn Beck is a clown.

    No, really. He says so himself, quite often. He’s a rodeo clown kinda guy who found an unexpected niche and a job he’s really really good at, and he thanks his God for it every day of his life. He’s also a ham who enjoys acting over-the-top, and he surrounds himself with staffers who are the same way. So his humor is a very subjective thing; either you get it or you don’t, and there ain’t no in-between. In that clip, the humor isn’t in what they’re saying/doing, or even how they’re saying and doing it. The (intended) humor is that they know how silly and stupid and tacky they sound, and for them it’s fun to be silly and stupid and tacky every now and then. They also believe it’s driving Certain People up the wall.

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