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Happy Halloween from Rajah!!

Posted by Lissa on November 1, 2010

Hi everyone!  I’m not dead!!  I am, however, a creature of routine. Every weekday morning I would wake up, drink coffee while composing a blogpost, then hie myself off to the gym or to the shower (depending on the clock’s menace or benignity).

Here?  I wake up around seven.  I sit on the couch reading and sipping coffee.  Then Mike goes off to work and I . . . do whatever.  Sometimes it’s unpacking boxes.  Sometimes it’s admiring the bright yellow flowers on my tomato plants.  Sometimes it’s helping my husband kill a snake.  For a good portion of the last week, it was entertaining two houseguests.  Somehow, checking the internet didn’t make the list.  Hell, if it weren’t for Mike I probably wouldn’t know when the weekend rolled around.  (But don’t worry!  I know I need to vote tomorrow!!!)

Except, of course, Halloween.  You think I’d lose sight of that???

(In retrospect, we probably needed the “small” costume, not the “medium.”  Oh well.)


8 Responses to “Happy Halloween from Rajah!!”

  1. Borepatch said

    I like that last one. It belies the “I will kill u in ur sleep” thing …

  2. breda said


  3. alan said

    Rajah must really love you since you’re still alive.

  4. Lissa said

    Borepatch, what can I say? He’s a treat-whore, he really is.

    Breda, glad you were amused!

    Alan, he definitely does! Also, he’s pretty dumb, but he’s smart enough to know that I’m a helluva lot bigger than he is 😉

  5. Ruth said

    If I tried that with either of mine I’d loose fingers….Rajah must be steadier tempered than either of mine!

  6. B- said


    very cute…

    kids wanted costume for the dog, I distracted them with shiny beads…. the neckerchief from the groomer’s is her limit

  7. bluesun said

    You move to FL and your cat gets eaten by an Alligator!

  8. Lissa said

    Ruth, he’s actually very steady-tempered. Except when it comes to loud noises; then he runs like the skittish little wimp he is.

    B, Rajah can’t even do neckerchiefs, so your dog is superior there!

    Bluesun, it’s even worse — technically I *FED* my cat to an alligator. Bad Mommy!!

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