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Moving Day, Part 3

Posted by Lissa on October 11, 2010

They brought me a sofa!! And chairs!! And spices and pans and tables and books!!!!


3 Responses to “Moving Day, Part 3”

  1. bluesun said

    Woohoo! Something to sit on again!

  2. Brad K. said

    @ Bluesun,

    It is the books that cannot be easily replaced. Sofas come and go. If nothing else, there are stairsteps, the bed, or a spot on the floor in the sunlight next to Rajah. You can even use a bit of towel for a coffee coaster.

    The pans and spices are also really tough to replace en masse. Finding these friends is a relief, that you don’t have to rebuild life one selection at a time.

    @ Lissa,

    I hope all of the move ends just as happily!

  3. Half the fun of unpacking is finding things I don’t remember packing in the first place. Then, there comes the cleaning out and purging, which seemed so hard to do when packing the stuff in the first place.

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