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Moving Day, Part 2

Posted by Lissa on October 6, 2010

Good morning all! Well, it turns out I lied during my last post; there WAS some blood, but only a little. A few claw-punctures on my shoulder and one gash down my forearm; hardly worth mentioning 😉

Rajah was SILENT the whole flight, which was a relief. I spent about half the flight bent double in my seat so I could thrust a hand into the carrier to pet him. His breathing was fast and shallow the whole time but he showed no other signs of distress.

He was reluctant to get out of the carrier once we got to Mike’s corporate apartment, but I pried him out and plopped him into the litter box. I was pleasantly surprised when he crawled under the bed instead. The little brat actually managed to find a rip in the lining and therefore spent the afternoon INSIDE the box spring.

A few hours after that, he was skulking around the apartment. A few more hours and he was moving normally. Hooray!

Too bad the poor kitty gets traumatized again today when we move. Not to the Raj Mahal, no; we have to move to a SECOND corporate apartment.

In other words — I’m fine, rajah’s fine, mike’s fine, thank you, and the hiatus continues!

P. S. I took a three-hour-long scorching bath to get the crick out of my neck. It was my first experience with a garden tub. Holy cow I am NEVER leaving Florida 🙂 🙂 🙂

4 Responses to “Moving Day, Part 2”

  1. Borepatch said

    Glad that you all made it there in one piece!

  2. Sarah said

    I’m glad that you’re all in Florida. Garden tubs are, in fact, made of win.

  3. Brad K. said

    One thing at a time, make lists to keep track of what is to do and priorities. Take a deep breath. Comfort Rajah, take a few minutes for Lissa and all.

    And do take care.

  4. Jennifer said

    Are you going for a record number of moves? 😉

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