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The apartment looks rather inhospitable

Posted by Lissa on October 2, 2010


5 Responses to “The apartment looks rather inhospitable”

  1. bluesun said

    At least you can still sit down on one of those chairs!

  2. Borepatch said

    Hopefully you’ll soon be ensconced in the Raj Mahal …

  3. Brad K. said

    “The apartment looks rather inhospitable”.

    As well it should! You have been systematically dismantling the accoutrement of providing hospitality to guests and visitors. This is part of any change, and transition. You dismantle and lose the part of your life that has gone before, to make room for a new life.

    Think of this part of the exercise as “Golly, those moving people are sure earning the buck$ we are paying them!” Or consider that each box is preparation for unloading what you take with you where it will be needed next, and that the treasures are more likely to be in useful condition with the care of good packing materials and skilled packers. That “pile of boxes” is what makes the unpacking (and recovering) of the elements of hospitality an exercise in building your new home with assets kept from the old one.

    You leave the old apartment behind, as you separate your designated keepsakes and resources from the home that used to be here. The mover has guidelines and information pamphlets about packing, unpacking, etc.

    You might consider getting a box knife now, to unpack with. Slicking the tape at the edges to preserve the boxes might pay off. If the packing company won’t buy back the used boxes in pristine condition, you might be able to sell them – or benefit someone at the new location. Check with Salvation Army and other charities. Packing boxes are expensive, and there is an after-market, though most people needing used boxes actually need the charity part, too. Smoothing out the scrunched packing paper to stack it neatly, like breaking down the boxes to lay flat, serves to save a lot of space. It can also, occasionally, turn up a coin or knickknack that got missed in unpacking. Heaven forbid you should fear having to move again soon, and keep the boxes to save several hundred dollars on the next move.

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