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One of the many reasons I love my husband . . .

Posted by Lissa on September 29, 2010

. . . is that he doesn’t indulge in “I told you so.”

We were in a hotel over the weekend for a Mike Work Conference Thing-y and took the opportunity to play in the gym.  We do have a little gym in our apartment building here — one of the many things I’m going to miss when we move — but it has very few weight machines.  Thus, when confronted with the richness of row after row of Nautilus, I dove right in.

I was pumping out leg curls on this machine —

— when Mike wandered over from the free weights.

“Honey, you want to be careful on that one, or you won’t be able to walk,” he said mildly.

“I’m fine!!” I puffed.  “Feels good!” I panted.

Jeez, I know how to lift weights! Does Mike think he married some namby-pamby, delicate, fragile little thing? Hell no! I had a temp job moving furniture, for heavens’ sake!

I pumped out another set to prove my point.

Ladies and gentlemen, we all see where this is going, do we not?


We finished our workout and stretching and walked up the stairs.  I admit to feeling a twinge of misgiving, seeing as how my legs didn’t quite RESPOND the way they normally do.  I took some Aleve and was relieved that everything seemed okay.

The day after (Monday) I was substantially sore.  I could *feel* what a mistake the machine, and in particular the last set of curls, had been.

And Tuesday?


I spent yesterday walking around like a 90 year old after two hip replacements. I spent more time easing myself into and out of chairs than Nomar before receiving a pitch. I was munching Aleve like they were Altoids.*  Every time I sat for longer than an hour it was almost impossible to get up again.  I was tottering around like a toddler with a full diaper.

Thank GOODNESS it’s better today.  *sigh*

And what lesson did we learn from this, boys and girls?



. . .why, what did you think I’d learned?

*No, not really. But I wanted to!!!

4 Responses to “One of the many reasons I love my husband . . .”

  1. But now I bet your legs are all tore-up with POWAHHHH!!

    Was lifting last night and I’m feelin’ it this morning. Of course I don’t push the envelope like you and Mike may…I also don’t look as good! ; ]

  2. Borepatch said

    He’s a keeper, all right.

  3. Brad K. said

    Lissa – you did try the hot tub with epsom salts, right? Maybe swishing the water and making a motorboat sound, to make your legs think they were in a whirlpool bath could heighten the effect . . or maybe just entertain the cat.

    The Nautilus is not at fault; it is the driver that steers for trouble, over-runs caution signs, etc. You just need to take the time to acclimate, so you can tell what “enough” feels like on a Nautilus, the way you have with the free weights. Stairs can do the same thing, after a certain number of repetitions.

    Take care, and best of everything.

    (Did you put a Nautilus on your wish list? How about a Nordic Trak – that should kick the Nautilus’ butt!)

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