Escape your life for a little while — come play in mine.

I must be in Florida …

Posted by Lissa on September 25, 2010

74 degrees outside? Check!
Swim before breakfast? Check!
Eating bacon while wearing a bikini? Check!
Evil assault magazines that hold FOURTEEN ROUNDS??

14 Responses to “I must be in Florida …”

  1. alan said

    Welcome to the United States. You’ll like it here!

  2. bluesun said

    Ahhhh… freedom!

  3. MaddMedic said

    Heh…carefull with that!!!
    You might become over aggressive and perforate paper needlessly!!!
    Plus those you left behind in the Poeple’s Republik may become overly upset!!

  4. Outstanding! Glad you’re having a fabulous, bikini-clad, bacon- and EBR-enjoying time!

  5. Sarah said

    Yay! You escaped! Congrats on that, especially the awesome-magazine part. 🙂

  6. Mike W. said

    Oh no! You’re dangerous now!

  7. B said



    hope Raj become a great palmetto bug hunter

  8. Jay G. said

    LMAO! Enjoy the free air!

  9. Tennessee Budd said

    Enjoy! I’m getting back down there one of these days….

  10. scotaku said

    It’s killing me. I’ve been occupied with *not* posting this, but… but I’m genetically predisposed to the behavior, so here goes: I know what you’re holding in the pic, but I have to be honest that it took me more than one glance to really see what it was. Just something about the basic shape of the thing and the look on your face.

    I sincerely apologize. But it’s just right there.

    And on a serious note, please – for those of us still trapped deep behind enemy lines – please make the most of your freedom. Enjoy it to the degree that I cannot. And I hope some day to see you & Mike again.


  11. ZerCool said

    And this, ladies and germs, is Lissa’s O! face… as in OMG! FULL CAPACITY!

  12. […] like Lissa is already enjoying the free air down in the dick-shaped […]

  13. George said

    Exactly how does BACON wear a Bikini? And, why would you want to eat that? (The bikini, anyway?)

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